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What is the reason for homosexuality in humans?

Now, first off, I am not a homophobe, or a Bible-thumper. In fact, I have several gay friends.

I'm trying to find if there is a biological basis for human homosexuality. Animal homosexuality has been proven to occur when members of the opposite sex are unavailable during the short mating seasons, so animals satisfy themselves with simulated mating at least. Although we still don't know if animals are also capable of non-mating "emotional" bonding.

In humans, several theories have been proposed. One says there is difference in brain structure, but that has not been proven I think. Second one says it is a result of social upbringing, dysfunctional families, etc. Third one says it is capable of being passed down through the genes. Fourth one says it's nature's way of eliminating weak individuals.

Humans don't need the urging of a mating season to have sex, so the unavailability of members of the opposite sex cannot be a reason. It does not serve a reproductive purpose. Emotional bonds are often formed by individuals of the same gender, but it does not lead to sexual relationships.

So, why?

Please be as open and candid as you feel comfortable. This is an open discussion.


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  • Aug 9 2011: I have seen cases of people turning into homosexuality in 'joint-families'- cases of 10-15 adoloscents sharing a single room, sexually fiddling with each other as a part of 'growing-up' and some of these turning into homosexuals (basically the 'bottom' men at the 'receiving' end). So environment for sure plays a role.

    Then there are some people who are just 'born with it', some curious & discreet and some open about it.

    As I interpret it, mentally we all (men & women) tread somewhere between the two extreme ends of masculinity and feminity. All of us are different possible variants (with all permutation & combinations of physical body & sexual behaviour) of humans conditioned by our concept of normal/abnormal/right/wrong, thereby exhibiting the image we want to project or stick to.

    And I do also feel that at some level (conscious or sub-conscious), sexuality, as everything else, is a choice!

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