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The Universe is expanding and accelerating. Into where if the Universe is all we can see and contains all matter that we know of?

And what is the universe expanding into? My theory is that the universe is expanding into unperceivable dimensions. That is to say that our perceivable dimensions are expanding into the unperceivable dimensions. If this is true then the unperceivable dimensions ,assuming they contain matter and follow the same laws of physics, are getting smaller,becoming more dense as our universe expands.

As the mass becomes more dense and commands a greater gravity then the acceleration due to gravity also increases. Which would explain the expansion and acceleration.

Is this theoretically possible

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    Jul 20 2011: Eugenius, your thinking is expanding almost into infinity because to put your question in context, the time frame involves billions of years. Compare that to our tiny history of human existence.

    The observable universe is defined by the limits of speed of light but our science is also venturing into concepts of infinity like the glimpse we see in NDE research.

    Personally, my concern is to simply enjoy this great adventure of life and let all the rest of the world enjoy it too by transforming our world into an equitable and sustainable global home. We have the power to do it. http://Bit.Ly/ThePowerInfo

    I'm not a scientist myself and I like it when some people can simplify complex concepts for me. Take Michio Kaku for example who states that all existence is but a melody of strings vibrating in a 11 dimensional multiverse. I like the idea that he can spare me of the complex mathematical calculations when he says that 11 is all you need to have a complete a consistent theory of everything.