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Is giving Junk food to kids child abuse?

We live in a world where children obesity is growing in large numbers, and yet very few parents seem to be doing anything about it. One can argue that children can really not be to blame as these food choices and lifestyles are made for them from early ages. So my question is whether the habit of constantly getting children used to junk food should be deemed as child abuse or not and what do you think should be done about this.


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    Aug 1 2011: If giving a child no food and starving them is neglect, how is giving them too much food not neglect. The reason that not letting a child have food is neglect is because you aren't looking out for their health. You are hurting the child by giving them no food. SO, the opposite (giving them too much food) is also neglect because you are neglecting their health. Giving them too much food could lead to diabetes or other health problems. You are neglecting their health by feeding them too much. So yes it is neglect in my opinion

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