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Is it OK to lie for a good cause?

I,m in a situation that if I lie , someone needy is helped but if I do it I will be a liar. What will you do if you were in my place.

Is it OK if you lie for a good cause ?


Closing Statement from Rafi Amin

Dear All,

thank you very much for all your comments. I finally helped the needed person.

I dont know but I feel good for it.

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  • Jul 19 2011: There are two basic ways to look at morality. One method is categorical morality, where certain acts are viewed as inherently and categorically wrong. Examples of such acts include lying and murder. The other way to perceive morality is consequentialisticallly; in this view an act is deemed as wrong or right depending on results of the specific action without regards to the inherent morality of the act itself. For instance a consequentialist might say that it is alright to kill one person to save the lives of five other people.

    In my opinion it is better to take the consequentialist view of morality unless the action you are thinking of taking tramples on the rights of another person. Lying doesn't really infringe on anyone's rights, so if you think it would result in a better outcome than telling the truth I would say go for it.

    A question you might want to ask yourself is "why do you think lying is wrong in the first place?"

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