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How the Universe Operates: Why we can never live in a perfect world

It has been widely believed by many philosophers and scientists, that the universe lives in a balance of good and bad, to be put simply, and I too am a believer in this universal balance; however I push it a little farther. I have come to the conclusion that everyone on this planet has their own personal universes, by this I mean that throughout our lives we have a continual balance of the good and the bad. As we live our lives, our personal universes struggle to try to keep the balance of the events that occur within our lives.

The reason our personal universes struggle to keep the balance within our lives is because of the interference of other peoples personal universes and the choices that we make. Look at yourself right now, now imagine that there is a massive bubble around you and in this bubble is everything that affects you in some way or another. This can be people you know, the environment around you, objects, businesses, anything you can touch or feel. This bubble is your personal universe. Now look at someone you know, they also have a massive bubble around them with everything that affects them, and in their bubble is you. You are in their bubble because you know them and have affected them in some way, since you are in their bubble coincidentally they are also in your bubble. As your bubble or personal universe tries to maintain a balance within your life, it is intertwined with that other person's personal universe therefore as it tries to balance out your life it is throwing the other person's universe out of balance.

Now can you think of every person you have ever talked to and everyone you have ever seen, all of these people have massive personal universes that surround them that struggle to keep the balance within their lives and your universes have collided in some way, throwing each others bubble out of balance.


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  • Jul 25 2011: Nice way to put converging realities of conscious "moral" agents. We can view our moral spheres always converging like bubbles in an infinite sea.

    As for perfection, it doesn't exist. The idea of perfection is relative not absolute thus it cannot exist as there will be an infinite number of ideas of perfection.

    Now assuming that our Universe is just one of an infinite array of Universe in an infinite array of Multiverses, we can say that this world and our reality is as perfect as it could have been for us with our biological configurations and the Physics of our given Universe. So walllah! This world is as "perfect" as it gets for humans like us and all the living things in the universe that are configured the way they are.

    As for your morality allegory, we are always going to be in conflict with the moral views of others, however, there does seem to be overlapping moral "laws" that seem to be innate. Good and Bad are just deviations of actions that are perceived as being either beneficial or detrimental to our society at the given time. There is not absolute state of goodness or badness---it's all a construction of human interaction. In the animal world, good is to kill prey and bad is to not kill (bad analogy but you kidna get the point). Kinda like hot and cold, they are just mere deviations of energy that we use to comprehend our reality.

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