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How the Universe Operates: Why we can never live in a perfect world

It has been widely believed by many philosophers and scientists, that the universe lives in a balance of good and bad, to be put simply, and I too am a believer in this universal balance; however I push it a little farther. I have come to the conclusion that everyone on this planet has their own personal universes, by this I mean that throughout our lives we have a continual balance of the good and the bad. As we live our lives, our personal universes struggle to try to keep the balance of the events that occur within our lives.

The reason our personal universes struggle to keep the balance within our lives is because of the interference of other peoples personal universes and the choices that we make. Look at yourself right now, now imagine that there is a massive bubble around you and in this bubble is everything that affects you in some way or another. This can be people you know, the environment around you, objects, businesses, anything you can touch or feel. This bubble is your personal universe. Now look at someone you know, they also have a massive bubble around them with everything that affects them, and in their bubble is you. You are in their bubble because you know them and have affected them in some way, since you are in their bubble coincidentally they are also in your bubble. As your bubble or personal universe tries to maintain a balance within your life, it is intertwined with that other person's personal universe therefore as it tries to balance out your life it is throwing the other person's universe out of balance.

Now can you think of every person you have ever talked to and everyone you have ever seen, all of these people have massive personal universes that surround them that struggle to keep the balance within their lives and your universes have collided in some way, throwing each others bubble out of balance.

  • Jul 19 2011: You have just described Plato's Cave. I don't know if Plato considered the idea of a 6th sense. You know, when you feel someones intense emotional state before you consciously see that they are angry or maybe our brain is picking up body language and interpreting the emotion before our logical brain thinks about it. Every single bit of information received by your "self" is interpreted as good or bad, useful or not useful, like or dislike.

    If everything came in as all likes there would be no existence, same as if it all came in as dislikes. For example;

    If there was no gravity, no opposing force, there would be nothing to grow up into.
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      Jul 19 2011: I'm not saying that we are all connected emotionally in any way, but universally. What one person does will effect another person somewhere else one way or another.
      • Jul 19 2011: If we debate, It would be two people with similar ideas so not very interesting. You use the word universally which to me is ambiguous where I would say we are connected in this particle soup. protons, neutrons and electrons. We could go all the way down the rabbit hole with the soup that make up those particles. (no answers, only more questions)
  • Jul 26 2011: interesting theory,a mixture of:psycology,sociology,physics,the concept of the yeng and the yang.very interesting idea,well done.
  • Jul 25 2011: In ancient times, the killing of slaves or of family members that caused dishonor was the right thing to do. Nearly every facet of what we think is good or bad is open to debate. Just because something is bad now will not make it bad in the future. Which is why my absolute description of bad and good is not dependent on some fixed notion of it.
  • Jul 25 2011: Nice way to put converging realities of conscious "moral" agents. We can view our moral spheres always converging like bubbles in an infinite sea.

    As for perfection, it doesn't exist. The idea of perfection is relative not absolute thus it cannot exist as there will be an infinite number of ideas of perfection.

    Now assuming that our Universe is just one of an infinite array of Universe in an infinite array of Multiverses, we can say that this world and our reality is as perfect as it could have been for us with our biological configurations and the Physics of our given Universe. So walllah! This world is as "perfect" as it gets for humans like us and all the living things in the universe that are configured the way they are.

    As for your morality allegory, we are always going to be in conflict with the moral views of others, however, there does seem to be overlapping moral "laws" that seem to be innate. Good and Bad are just deviations of actions that are perceived as being either beneficial or detrimental to our society at the given time. There is not absolute state of goodness or badness---it's all a construction of human interaction. In the animal world, good is to kill prey and bad is to not kill (bad analogy but you kidna get the point). Kinda like hot and cold, they are just mere deviations of energy that we use to comprehend our reality.
  • Jul 23 2011: That view is wrong. Good is when we behave in a way that other people think of as good. Bad is when that behavior is believed to be bad. I might live alone on an island and i might pee in the sea. No one is harmed but if i think it is bad then it is bad. The reason bad and good exists is that there will always be a person to judge those actions. Even when alone.
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      Jul 23 2011: Everyone has a basic sense of right and wrong, things that are good and things that are bad. Yes there are some instances in which an act is debatable as to which side it falls on; however there are things that are not debatable. Such as killing a person, it is a bad thing to do, but sometimes it is necessary to protect a population. Just because you have potentially saved many lives doesn't make the act of killing someone a good thing, it just makes it a necessary thing to do.
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    Jul 21 2011: What you are speaking of is viewing yourself in a higher dimension. 3rd, being yourself in our perceived reality. 4th, yourself streched across time. all the way up to, all interactions forming all possible paths in life leading both to and away from your current state of being.

    check this video out on dimensions:
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    Jul 20 2011: Perfection is really nothingness. We cannot live in a perfect world because by definition we are not perfect we are subjective. This would actually be a state of enlightenment, when you no longer consider yourself as yourself and become an observer. Please respond if you disagree.
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    Jul 20 2011: I am obviously confused. The way I see it, the best you can hope for is personal balance, but you seem to be wanting to expand that to a global humanity. Even getting it to a community or tribal level would be daunting. I think this is a core philosophy behind democracy, but that is failing too. Change my mind.
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      Jul 21 2011: Did you see my Venn Diagram comment at the beginning? It suggests that our universe (philosophically speaking) is all of our personal universes combined. Thus if we all achieved personal balance then the universe would be perfectly balanced. However it is impossible to reach this perfect balance because of how we each affect each others personal universes.
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    Jul 19 2011: Not to mention that one persons perfect world is entirely different from the next persons. How do you merge those perfections to create a singular perfection?
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      Jul 19 2011: I am suggesting that a perfect world would be a perfectly balanced world. Not that everything is the way everyone wants it. The most perfect our world can ever hope to be is evenly balanced.
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    Jul 19 2011: Picture every single person's universe on this planet as a incredibly huge Venn Diagram, with each person's universe as one circle, each circle is intertwined with another person's circle and another and another. For every person you see or interact with in some way you are in their universe. Consider the Venn Diagram itself to be the universe that we all live in, and with this Venn Diagram we can see that as our personal universe tries to stay in balance it affects everyone that we have interacted with either helping to balance their universe or throwing it into a more unstable state, resulting in a never ending battle for balance.

    This is why we can never live in a perfect world, because of the continual battle for balance. Random chance can explain the proverbial good and bad days that we have, people just get lucky that their own personal universe is caught in a temporary state of good events; however we must realize that everything be it good or bad will not last forever, be it a lucky streak at a casino or a sense of depression. Because there is this crazy cosmic battle between universes it makes everyone equal in the sense that we will all experience good and bad.