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Who will cry when you die?

I believe it is an indication about how well you lead your life.

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    Jul 20 2011: anyone to whom you've touched or changed them
  • Jul 20 2011: Sajjad I think you're right. It does indicate what your life is about. But rather than have lots of people you impressed and who cry for you- perhaps if someone became a change agent in humanity terms and eg. fought against injustice in the world- people may not know who they were or cry for them, but they will still be admirable.

    Also it doesn't matter.
    We won't be here. We will have gone.
    If we can leave a legacy of compassion, dignity this is important.
  • Jul 20 2011: Dear Simarjit,

    Thanks for your interest in my question. Life is sort, let's make it meaningful. I always try to impress myself first in order to rise in terms of self respect and self esteem, then if the by-product is impressive for the society I take it as a bonus ;-).
    You are right fight against injustice is good, however I believe you are wrong on one thing. I had few but real intense experiences in life. One of them is while helping people please don't remain anonymous. I made the observation that it is in human nature(may be it was not like this few decades back but now it has evolved) not to be grateful. For example, When you bring food in the plate of hungry person, (s)he does not care where it came from, (UN, EU, terrorist organisations, etc...). When you remind them, the efforts which have been made so that they don't die of hunger, it's only at this particular point in time, that it clicks into their minds. THelp is not granted, it depends on generosity, an extremely powerful human value which make dependant people like them change their mentality and turn them into resourceful human beings. This reminder should be noted after the service of course. Its of utmost importance these days if we want our help to be effective and efficient.
    If I was to answer my own question, I would say, I want people that I've help to cry for me. I want them to remember me as a good person who worked for the future generation while living his present fully. I don't want to be famous, nor do I hate celebrity but my goal in life is and will be to help the maximum number of persons in my short the best way.
    P.s: These couple of paragraphs were written with passion and without any bad intentions. My warmest greetings to you all, readers.
  • Jul 20 2011: Hmm, I don't think it's an indicator of how well you led your life, so much as it's an indicator of what kind of relationships you had. For some people making and sustaining relationships is the reason for living, so I guess for some, the amount of people or the quality of people crying over your death could be correlated to what kind of a person you were. It's a valid but very old fashioned idea, I read somewhere that in ancient Egypt and Greece that the bereaved family would hire women to cry at the funerals, and the amount and quality (the fact that they were virgins) would bring honor to the dead person.
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    Jul 19 2011: Does it matter anything to you if you die ? I dont think so.
    • Jul 19 2011: And does it really matter if it matters to anything?
    • Jul 20 2011: Existence may or may not have a meaning, I have to decided to bring value to it and make a sweet, devoted, passionate, smiling;-) Pau 'stuff'. It's always better than nothing, right?