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Knowing different point of view related to this topic around the world.

In most of our countries students don´t have a Life Plan; cause of that they are not interested on education to learn from teachers but also partners. Why is it happening?

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    Jul 19 2011: Everything starts from motivation/needs... as in what you want... what you like... what you dream about.
    That's what missing from conventional education system.
    They are not gear to what the students are passionate about. They are gear to what the industry thinks is useful or should I say fruitful... to what the economy thinks they need.... to keep it running. The need for a life plan is nullified by a predefined success.
    • Jul 20 2011: Thanks for your opinion, but there is another one: What is the future of education in our schools?
      • Jul 30 2011: I believe the best education is to be achieved by a guided self teaching, nobody is in a better position to understand a persons needs, tastes and talents than themselves, we so often don't because we are not taught how to learn these things about ourselves, we are not even encouraged to.

        Maybe this is somewhat caused because if the "society" is in need for nuclear engineers, it wont much care for you passion for sculpture.
  • Jul 30 2011: Kids can't really have a life plan, when we ask kids what they want to be when they grow up its a rather naive question which of course in most if not all cases will trigger a naive answer, they don't know enough about life or themselves to properly answer that, and as ken pinted out in many of his speeches, neither do we.