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What do you think about NDE's (near death experiences)? Is it a phenomenon that can possibly help transform our world?

It seems that the research on NDE's can give us a peek into life after death, or consciousness after physical death and it's happening in all cultures. (iands.org)

This may have the potential to let all people see the underlying unity of our faiths and convictions, agree more clearly on our mutual interests of basic rights and earth sustainability, and take more actions or involve more people to transform our world.

http://bit.ly/NdeWiki, http://bit.ly/NdeChar , http://bit.ly/NDEresearch

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Closing Statement from Joe Delsen

Thank you fellow TEDsters for your great contribution specially to Colleen Steen who herself had an NDE and now sharing her life-changing experience. NDE as of today is a fringe of science but you can see very interesting research being done as shown by the web links above and our conversations. We can go from Peter Russell's unifying conclusion of science and consciousness to Michio Kaku's 11-dimensional multiverse theory of everything.

The essence of the belief system that I have grown into and the NDE which I would call the"anomaly" of all belief systems (belief systems being only based on "faith") and non-theist convictions (the anomaly of scientific evidence of higher dimensions) has so far shown me our fundamental unity.

This what I call "universal perspective" has given me consistencies and meaning to any TED talk, news or any information that I have encountered so far.

This is the basis of my intuition that we can transform our world, if we all keep an open mind to understand and an open heart to care, and translate all these into concrete actions.

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    Jul 20 2011: I believe you've wandered into a lost and forgotten section of the "restricted-zone" of science.
    Two very basic, very important facts need to be present at all times.
    1.NDE's are experiences, therefore, all experiences originate from the interactions of the bio-chemical orchestra occurring in your brain, conducted by your brain.
    2.Our brains are incredibly susceptible to psychoactive substances.
    The spirit molecule. also known as DMT or (dimethyltryptamine) is the most psychoactive substance known to man.
    It is found in nearly all plant species and most curious, in humans and mammals. Why? Why does our body produce psychoactive substances? and why does our body flood our brain with it right before we go to bed every night? or right before death?
    Structurally DMT is analogous to seratonin neurotransmitter-(messenger of the brain) Why is this important?
    Our brains receive over 100 million bits of information a second, but consciously,we are only aware of 2000 bits.
    The reason for that is,in our brains exist these receptor buffers, neurotransmitters that filter the electric signals being registered.Basically,an information bodyguard ,systematically eliminating or allowing certain signals to pass. Psychoactive substances,whether it be LSD or Silocybin mushrooms,have always been shown to push these "bodyguards"out of the way, freeing the restrictions on the information our senses are receiving.This is the state our ancient ancestors would attain in order to create the correct medicine for his people, and predict climatic changes or the location of their game.We have lived like this more than any other time period ever.Due to "Civilization" all of these natural ,organic methods are lost forever.Why?
    Many reports from people who experience NDE's are incredibly similar to the reports given by people who have used DMT. WHY? We can explain (chemically) how your feeling angry, what we cant explain is who is feeling angry.
    The key is to connect consciousness to neurophysiology.
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      Jul 20 2011: Great explanation Jonathan!

      Concerning the "key to connect consciousness to neurophysiology", here is the excerpt from Dr. Pim van Lommel's research - ABOUT THE CONTINUITY OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS - . http://www.nderf.org/vonlommel_consciousness.htm

      1. Introduction 2. About Death 3. Scientific Research on Near Death Experience

      4. Some typical elements of NDE (4.5.) The Disappearance of Fear of Death. Nearly all people who have experienced an NDE lose their fear of death. This is due to the realization that there is a continuation of consciousness, even when you have been declared dead by bystanders or even by doctors. You are separated from the lifeless body, retaining the ability of perception...

      5. Neurophysiology In Cardiac Arrest 6. Neurophysiology In A Normal Functioning Brain

      7. Quantum Mechanics and the Brain. ... In people with an NDE the functional receiving capacity seems to be permanently enhanced. When you compare this with a TV set, you receive not only Channel 1, the transmission of your personal consciousness, but simultaneously Channels 2, 3 and 4 with aspects of consciousness of others.

      8. Role of DNA 9. Analogy of worldwide communication.

      10. Conclusion. ... There are still more questions than answers, but, based on the aforementioned theoretical aspects of the obviously experienced continuity of our consciousness, we finally should consider the possibility that death, like birth, may well be a mere passing from one state of consciousness to another...

      I like the way you can simplify scientific concepts. How would you connect this also to Dr. Kaku's 11 dimensional multiverse? http://bit.ly/AllScience

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