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Black Holes: Does Information Survive?

Why should Hawking and Susskind get all the fun?
Forget what Stephen Hawking and Leonard Susskind have previously theorized, do you believe the information that is sucked in a black hole survives or is it somehow preserved and explain?


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    Aug 1 2011: We should get to have some fun too! To start, here are my thoughts.

    If by information you mean a recognized state of a particle(s), then no. Once matter or energy enters the black hole, it has effectively been destroyed. Note the effectively. Black holes dissipate, very very slowly. And thus nothing gets destroyed, just held onto for a little while. So if by information you mean the amount of energy that went into the black hole, then yes, that is preserved. But once released, that energy is in a vastly different form then when it entered. Furthermore, as the black holes evaporate quite slowly, something like 1*10^100 years, that energy will not be fully released until long after life ceases to exist. So if by information you mean a useful and controllable state of matter or energy that can be used to indicate an abstract idea or refer to some specific datum through our subjective understanding of that state, then no. Black holes are quite effective information obliterators.

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