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Black Holes: Does Information Survive?

Why should Hawking and Susskind get all the fun?
Forget what Stephen Hawking and Leonard Susskind have previously theorized, do you believe the information that is sucked in a black hole survives or is it somehow preserved and explain?


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    Jul 19 2011: I love this post, 'cause I have an idea that I have no idea even how to begin to prove as I am not a physicist....

    I believe that information can survive in Black Holes. I think that our Universe (U) came out of a Super Massive Black Hole from a previous incarnation (X) of our Universe. If there was a way for us to travel to X and survive the last few Hundred thouseand years, we would see Super Massive Black Holes dancing around each other, falling into each other, creating even bigger Black Holes. Eventually there will be only one left, and at that moment of singularity, U was created. I believe U is made up of bits of information from X, but with different properties. X may or may not have supported life, as it was not arranged as or had the same properties as U. X could have, and by this hypothesis, did have a parent universe as well, just like X was for U. This parent had slightly different properties than X, and therefore U as well. A form of Universal Evolution if you will.

    As with evolution, it is survival of the fittest and in Universal terms, a universe could have collapsed on itself and created a new singularity within milliseconds. Our Universe has been around about 13.75 Billion Years, so I think in evolutionary terms, we've stumbled into a stable mutation, like the Crocodile, Sharks, or Dinosaurs here on Earth. As we have learned from the Dinosaurs, even stable mutations can have an unfortunate end. Ours might not be for another few Million years if we're lucky or smart, but the Universe will be around until all the Stars burn out, and all the Black Holes collect and brings about new light.

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