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A new kind of social network

Social networking has become one of the most powerful communication tools in the world for the past few years and I have been thinking of how this power could be used in a more meaningful way.
I have come up with an idea for a website and organization that is parallel to ones like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter yet remain in a completely different category all its own.
This website would allow users to use their lifetime goals and interests and create a universal "To-Do" list of their life. Everyone has dreams of doing things. Many of these things could change people's lives in a positive way but never actually work out. The network would allow people with similar goals and interests to communicate and share stories of their lives to help inspire others to do the same.
The website could be used as a way to track your lifes accomplishments and keep you accountable, yet determined to fulfill your previously established goals. The site would be based off Person-to-Person support and would help all ages remain on track toward acheiving their goals. I feel too many well intentioned ideas go unnoticed and are "left to fulfill in the future". Whether its to simply learn a new language, lose a few pounds, or find that special someone or to fulfill ones wildest dreams of traveling the world, helping third world countries, or becoming someone that made a difference in society, this site would connect people in a whole new way, finally breathing life into a once unfulfilled dream.
I myself think that this would be an amazing way to keep positive influence among everyone, everywhere.


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  • Jul 22 2011: You know, as a young adult with many aspirations I'd love to share, that sounds like a great idea. But as a concerned citizen, I think I've had enough of social networking.

    I find that children and adults these days have no idea how to communicate effectively, nor do they understand that the person on the other side of the computer screen is just that.

    More reason at:

    People learn how to talk via text and computer these days, and they're more open with what they say (because they cannot see a face). This'd be great if it was used for share & care. But the issue is, when confronted with real-life social situations, they really have no clue. And they're mean. They are so mean. Because when you yell and swear and tell of a computer, you don't realize that someone else is reading it. You can't see a face, and so you can't empathize.

    No more social networks, for the sake of humanity. Let's learn how to talk to people again.
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      Jul 22 2011: I feel as if you did not even read my idea...the whole point of this idea IS to get people to go out in the world and physically do something they are passionate about..it may involve digital communication, but the overall goal of the site would be to encourage people to go outside and make something for themselves, not sit on their arses in front of a computer screen.
      • Jul 22 2011: Well I am sorry you feel that way, because I definitely did read it. I am also sorry that I went against your idea, but that's kinda the point of a debate.

        So you're saying that you would like to create a social network (which have been shown to degrade people's ability to empathize or adapt to social situations) in which people exchange goals in life? To track your life's accomplishments? So that people's is determined by a website?

        "The site would be based off person-to-person support..." I'm all for the idea of a collective of people with similar goals and interests. Tracking your achievements, like some kind of xbox profile, does sound a little dangerous to me. But the most important thing is this statement. It wouldn't be person-to-person support. That is what I'm trying to say. When people communicate on the internet, they do not act like they would in normal circumstances. It isn't person-to-person. It's post-to-post or profile-to-profile.

        Maybe if the idea was to get these people together IRL, it'd be cool. Find people with similar interests, so you can go and meet them. But the moment the social network becomes the form of socializing (IE, chat, writing on walls, personal messages, etc.), rather than a tool for socializing (setting up plans, finding people with similar interests, etc.) it gets dangerous. Don't believe me? Go talk to a thirteen year old. See if they have any clue how to talk. Better yet: take away their phone and internet, see how long they survive not being able to talk to someone every second.

        A great idea, I warrant. Just don't make it a social network, and definitely don't make it so people can compare real life achievements. :)

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