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A new kind of social network

Social networking has become one of the most powerful communication tools in the world for the past few years and I have been thinking of how this power could be used in a more meaningful way.
I have come up with an idea for a website and organization that is parallel to ones like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter yet remain in a completely different category all its own.
This website would allow users to use their lifetime goals and interests and create a universal "To-Do" list of their life. Everyone has dreams of doing things. Many of these things could change people's lives in a positive way but never actually work out. The network would allow people with similar goals and interests to communicate and share stories of their lives to help inspire others to do the same.
The website could be used as a way to track your lifes accomplishments and keep you accountable, yet determined to fulfill your previously established goals. The site would be based off Person-to-Person support and would help all ages remain on track toward acheiving their goals. I feel too many well intentioned ideas go unnoticed and are "left to fulfill in the future". Whether its to simply learn a new language, lose a few pounds, or find that special someone or to fulfill ones wildest dreams of traveling the world, helping third world countries, or becoming someone that made a difference in society, this site would connect people in a whole new way, finally breathing life into a once unfulfilled dream.
I myself think that this would be an amazing way to keep positive influence among everyone, everywhere.


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    jag . 50+

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    Jul 21 2011: I think thats a great idea :)

    You could say that you can go on forums and discuss this, but it is not filtered/focused enough to want to have 'buddies' that you achieve your goals with.

    If you could make it a nice easy to use, flash website, it would be of great use to use self development junkies lol, but also to people who aren't usually accustomed to setting and achieving goals of their own choosing. Good luck :)
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      Jul 21 2011: I actually use to code some flash, mostly games as a high schooler, but I am sure I could hone the skills into allowing me to create super user friendly apps to help with the organization of the website seeing how I already sense that this project would be huge.
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        Jul 23 2011: Matt it seems that you would be following the "Facebook" model in its implementation - start small and people's interest will expand it.

        Can it also be done in a collaborative model like wikipedia?

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