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do you believe in fate? in case you do, what is fate and to what extent should we believe fate goes deep in our lives?

believing in fate, is a relief, just to know people are not in "full" control over what goes in their lives
because if it's not the case, it's always my fault and I would be fully responsible of whatever consequences

a student may get sick just before the exams time for instance
or forgets what he knows or express what he knows differently in an interview
this goes also, for the people who give grades, and how they read/respond to the answers
this could be an easy issue, some might argue, professionalism will suffice
but if we look at it this way, why did happen to me in the first place a that time?

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    Jul 23 2011: There's an interesting movie I've seen, Mr. Nobody! I guess the idea was- we make choices every day, but there is a limited number of life paths, whatever you choose. I wouldn't call it fait, but ones personality, even looks, education and so on... but if you're asking if there's a story already told- NO! believing that makes people less responsable for their actions.
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      Jul 24 2011: believing in fate is wonderful, espcially when people fail in acheiving certain tasks, they thought they could have done it, though was not that lucky, thinking it's fully, their mistake
      so they try better next time, but not to just blamiing theirselves, this might keep people disappointed.
      this how I see thiings
      this could be a general mechanism that goes for those, "I can do it all" people, they might be down
      though it shouldn't be like that, they can give another try, I think
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    Jul 18 2011: I don't believe in fate. Believing in fate is similar to believing in God. You delegate control over your life to........(fill in the blank).
    We are the masters of our own personal universes. If we rely on fate or the intervention of some supernatural entity we are most likely to fail in life.