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pakistan is what and who is a pakistani according to your perception? any questions related to pakistan and pakistanies are welcome here....

i asked this question to know what others have in their mind about pakistan? pakistan has been linked with terrorism. i just wanted to exchange some ideas.

  • Jul 28 2011: In plain n simple terms, PAKISTAN is just another nation who have always been in news with wrong reasons.It is sometimes considered as to be a failed state with people being ruled either by fundamentalists or military and in actual people are not happy there, they feel insecure and they have less hope for their future. These are realities or at least as percepted by their nearest neighbors . but i strongly believe that their people themselves will clean their image and youth will play an important role in shaping new PAKISTAN .
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    Jul 20 2011: Sumeera, Pakistani's are great people.

    My question for you is how does the great culture of Pakistan can unify more Pakistani's and the world in achieving a more just and sustainable global home?
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    Jul 18 2011: Hi Sumeera, I'm a Malaysian but with a maternal grandfather who's Pakistani ( so my mother's side of the family are all Pakistanis).So here's my question : Is it true that most Pakistanis can sometimes be hard-headed? They tend to follow their own way without listening to others opinions no matter where they are.I hate to stereotype people but this is what I found out through experience.I hope you're not offended in any way.Have a nice day.