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Are there too many 'self help' books out there?

There are too many 'self help' books out there but not enough practical step by step books. That is what everyone is looking for isn't it? A book that will literally tell you what exactly to do to get rich or have a successful business etc, not just encouragement or motivation!


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    Jul 19 2011: There is no such book, one that'll teach you how to be rich step by step. At least, one that works, that is. Don't you think that if there were such a thing, everybody would try it? We can't all be rich, right? There's only so much riches in the world.
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      Jul 19 2011: I doubt there's a 'sure fire' way to get rich or be the next Steve Jobs(in the sense of being a multi-billionaire). However, like I posted below, there are definitely techniques you can use to improve your lot in life.

      Even if you fail at making a million dollars or losing 50 pounds, any effort you make towards those types of goals has to have had some sort of positive effect come out of the trying.

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