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Are there too many 'self help' books out there?

There are too many 'self help' books out there but not enough practical step by step books. That is what everyone is looking for isn't it? A book that will literally tell you what exactly to do to get rich or have a successful business etc, not just encouragement or motivation!

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    Jul 18 2011: I don't think you can have a 'step by step' guide because who is to determine which steps are important and in which order should they be done?

    I wrote this several years ago in response to the question as to why people like Tony Robbins were so successful and whether his methods were his invention:

    "No, it's an attempt to cash in (literally) on the Great Western Disease of "Notgoodenoughitis".

    The guy is merely regurgitating everything he's ever heard or read.
    Creative Visualization.
    Daily Affirmations
    The list goes on and on.

    Nothing actually new in his message.

    Does it work?
    Yeah, it works as well as you make it work.
    However, they only work if YOU make them work, like anything else.

    However, he's not alone. There are literally hundreds like him out there.

    Go to any library and look in the 158 area. You will find dozens of books there, all saying the same thing:
    1) Be positive.
    2) write down your goals.
    3) break those goals down into smaller milestones
    4) eat better/exercise.
    5) budget your money.
    6) work hard at your goals.
    7) read, don't watch TV.
    8) Become a vegetarian/don't eat milk products.

    There, that's it in a nutshell.
    Send me my Seminar fee please.

    I just saved you a thousand backs and a weekend out of your life. "
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    Jul 28 2011: We are so inadequate that we need books to live "life".
    • Jul 28 2011: No. We don't all know it all so books are a way of spreading wisdom and knowledge from one person to another. They help us grow.
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        Jul 28 2011: Yeah, i agree with you. But there are lots of people who depend on the "self help" books to live. The self help books are obsession for them.
        • Jul 28 2011: True that, which is why i think that there's no point in buying all these books and visiting 'success gurus'. Most people spend their lives chasing wealth, health and prosperity instead of just living it.
  • Jul 28 2011: If you ask me i think that if you've read one 'motivational, inspiring, self help, visualize, you-can-do-it.....' book, then you've read them all! They ALL are saying more or less the same repeating the same concepts but in different words and tones. Is it really worth the money to be buying all of these books when all you really need is to get one book and apply what you're taught.
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    Jul 27 2011: Having read Crucial Conversations, The Peacegiver, and Leadership & Self-Deception and having been moved by all of them I WOULD say there are too many self-help books; but it is worth the time to find the ones that apply to us personally.

    So the other question is, how about a self-help interactive web tool (e.g. or
    I'm on the fence; on the one hand I love being able to track my personal goals (workout everyday, do career research) on a website where I won't lose them, and yet there is something to be said for good 'ol pencil and paper.

    As far as getting rich (in practical steps) I've found classes, courses, and even the "...for Dummies" helpful in teaching me specific money making skills, but never one book "to rule them all."

    So I'm curious; has anyone else found a book like this? Or used ChangeAnything or another web tool for personal success?
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    Jul 19 2011: There is no such book, one that'll teach you how to be rich step by step. At least, one that works, that is. Don't you think that if there were such a thing, everybody would try it? We can't all be rich, right? There's only so much riches in the world.
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      Jul 19 2011: I doubt there's a 'sure fire' way to get rich or be the next Steve Jobs(in the sense of being a multi-billionaire). However, like I posted below, there are definitely techniques you can use to improve your lot in life.

      Even if you fail at making a million dollars or losing 50 pounds, any effort you make towards those types of goals has to have had some sort of positive effect come out of the trying.
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    Jul 19 2011: I'd be all for a peer reviewed study on this but surely it has already been done
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    Jul 18 2011: I believe it's time for self-help books, scientists themselves do their work in a trial and error approach, why shouldn't we?
    sure we have to be rational enough, "not to try this at home" like
    when it comes to issues like health, medications and the like, we better ask professionals
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    Jul 18 2011: Maybe, we are still waiting or are in need of a 'self help guide to self help books' book.