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Is war a necessity or something that should be avoided at all cost?

War can be an unpleasant experience but sometimes it seems like it is tool which can be used to bring about peace. In the same way it can be a tool used for tyranny and greed. Is it a good thing for people to desire eternal unquestionable peace or is war a means of bringing about that peace?


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  • Jul 22 2011: The "military industrial complex" is alive and doing well.
    Conflicts are conflicts, humans have them all the time. We have conflicts with others, with ourselves and with nature. Conflicts in my opinion is a natural human condition. So someone could say that violence is a naturally human way of solving conflicts, therefore war is a necessary evil.
    War is big business. Everyone, except the victims and casualties of war, profit directly or indirectly from it.
    How can we ever achieve peace, when there is a monster industry that profits from human conflict. If we as individuals are affected economically in a positive way from war... do we really want peace?

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