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Is war a necessity or something that should be avoided at all cost?

War can be an unpleasant experience but sometimes it seems like it is tool which can be used to bring about peace. In the same way it can be a tool used for tyranny and greed. Is it a good thing for people to desire eternal unquestionable peace or is war a means of bringing about that peace?


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  • Jul 19 2011: In todays world, wars are started by politicians for political reasons. Sadly, that doesn't mean they are always good and proper reasons. I say this an an ex-serviceman and with the greatest respect for those who serve and die at the whim of those who rule.

    War is never necessary. Neither is it something that should be avoided at all cost.

    The most useful definition of war I have seen is 'war is the execution of a nation's foreign policy by other means'.

    So if your country is at war, please reflect on whether you believe your nation has a sufficiently good reason to be there and make your voice heard if you don't.

    War overseas kills your country's young men and women, and it kills people of all ages in the area of conflict. I submit that very very rarely will war be a less destructive option than whatever is promoted as the reason for going to war.

    I do not agree at all with the statement that war is a tool of peace. Peace is what exists when there is no war.

    Rule of law and diplomacy are what exist to resolve differences in peace. The United Nations exists for the same reason. There are always always alternatives to war. Only when all options are truly exhausted AND grave harm is being perpetrated does war become the lesser of 2 evils.

    War is a choice. When we in our societies are mature enough we will not choose war any more. Forums like TED help this process and all of us here have the opportunity to spread the word.

    Let us together bring an end to war.

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