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The Right of Free Travel (visa-free) for Every Human Being on Planet Earth

This is a very problematic issue in my mind (which is not too far from slavery or racism in theoretical base) that has to be ended or changed in some way. I think the arguments on one side of the issue are so basic and strong that it is not easy to legitimate the current situation using some contra arguments like "the security of the borders of the nations" etc.

So I really wonder what the TED Community thinks about this major but not so much discussed topic. Please join and share your valuable insights...

To start the discussion, here are some basic arguments that come to my mind:

1 - Univ. Dec. Human Rights Article1: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." and some other articles and the general spirit of the Declaration that reinforces the idea of same justice for every human being.
2 - I think that the most effective way to diminish and eliminate all kinds of discriminatory prejudices which all of us actually have toward all "the others" at different levels in us and which are also in my opinion a major handicap for world peace is through people coming together, meeting and knowing each other and sharing their lives, stories, thoughts...I think there isn't a better way to really kill our stupidities towards each other. (And the second best way is story telling arts and works I think)
3 - Some other inequalities which are inherently unjust:
-The geography where one was born in defines how much of the planet is accessible to him/her. (In theoretical sense here it looks very similar to racism)
-Corporations which are absolutely more harmful to everything than individual people move freely everywhere but the people can't?!? (Where is "the security of the nations" here?)
-If travelling is a way of education (which I think absolutely is) some people are not provided with this very basic right.


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    Aug 20 2011: In many respects of your argument for a world without Borders ,I agree with you ...but who's going to pay for it.My parents ,and their parents and now me pay taxes,work hard and contribute to make our country better.Then everybody just arrives and lives off what we've worked so hard to achieve.her in the UK our Healthcare ,welfare and Education system is being exploited and we are all suffering.Soon the developed countries will be reduced to a lower class of living.The Uk people give the highest amount in foreign aid but still immigration is a problem.I ask myself why do so many people from so far away want to come and live in a rainy little island .Sometimes their efforts are so huge,living in transit camps,hiding in trucks,trains etc Why?
    Everybody wants a better life.I believe you should stay and mke your country better not try and live of the hard work of others.
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      Aug 22 2011: Hi Illona,

      First I would want to make it clear again that our topic is about the right of free (without visas) travel, it's not about unconditional residence and/or working permit or "a better life" for those in need (although this would be worth discussing in another debate)...

      You might not like this idea but I suspect that the wealth of your country might stem from the taxes of you and your parents' hard work but more than that it might have stemmed from it being a colonist empire which used huge amounts of free labour (slavery) and raw materials from its colonies all over the world a long time ago, now having oily wars-loving governments (Iraq, Afghanistan) and huge global corporations which know how to make money at its best still quite exploiting world's natural resources and using cheap labour. So it might not always be so easy for someone to define the exact sources of the wealth of his/her country in our globalised, incorporated tiny little blue marble. Please do not feel offended because this is how capitalism works and I couldn't have answered your argument without mentioning this reality...

      Thanks for joining...

      PS:Some of your better life with a lot of sunshine seeker fellow citizens :) immigrate to southern Turkey. Do you believe that they should stay in UK and let Turkey's coasts to Turkish citizens for living?
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        Aug 22 2011: Having the right of free travel without visa and border controls isn't feasible.ther are so many other issues like
        1 what areyou going to do in the country you visit?..terrorism ,crime,drugs,misuse/abuse of healthcare system,
        2 the burden on the existing infrastructure when a lot of people want to "visit" a country.
        3 opening the Borders leads to easier trafficking of people (slavery)
        4 criminals roaming from country to country so you don't know who you are living next to.

        colonialism was a long time ago and a lot of tax has been paid since then to develop the UK.
        it's easy to have a limited view of ones own world
        Also I visit the turkish coast each year and accept your countrys system and border control...did you know they charge me £10 English currency just to pass through your immigration .
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          Aug 23 2011: Dear Illona,

          Again, I am talking about the right for travel without visas, nothing else...Where did you get the idea from that I am for entering a country without border controls today? (But also you have to remember that there are no border controls in the EU and you are still alive so this can also work for more countries...)

          1 - These are things one can practice in his own country too if one has the intention. The tendency of yours to see others as evil beings is quite problematic in my opinion, sorry.
          2 - People, societies, cities, countries can and should evolve according to the changing dynamics of the world. Paris, London, Istanbul, etc. are still living, aren't they?
          4 - There are still passports and border controls so security authorites can still catch the criminals but may I just ask you if you are so obsessed about all the hidden badness of the people, should I be worried about (for example) your coming (you said you visit Turkey each year) because you travel without a visa? How can the people of the countries you visit be sure that you are a nice person? Or do you think that you have to be required to apply for visas for every country you visit so that your good intentions can be proved officially?

          I think everyone's view is always limited. What we can do best is be aware of this fact and always try to expand the boundries of our minds.

          To conclude, are you aware that these arguments of yours does not prove anything in order to legitimate the current unjust regulations about visas but show your one sided world view which presumes that you are nice and others are not. You should roam freely but others not.

          And of course I don't agree with my weird government. No one should pay anything for crossing a border. (Do you know that until recent times turkish citizens paid more than £300 (now £130) to get a turkish passport for a five years period. Dealing with this mentality £10 for border crossing should make you happy)

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