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The Right of Free Travel (visa-free) for Every Human Being on Planet Earth

This is a very problematic issue in my mind (which is not too far from slavery or racism in theoretical base) that has to be ended or changed in some way. I think the arguments on one side of the issue are so basic and strong that it is not easy to legitimate the current situation using some contra arguments like "the security of the borders of the nations" etc.

So I really wonder what the TED Community thinks about this major but not so much discussed topic. Please join and share your valuable insights...

To start the discussion, here are some basic arguments that come to my mind:

1 - Univ. Dec. Human Rights Article1: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." and some other articles and the general spirit of the Declaration that reinforces the idea of same justice for every human being.
2 - I think that the most effective way to diminish and eliminate all kinds of discriminatory prejudices which all of us actually have toward all "the others" at different levels in us and which are also in my opinion a major handicap for world peace is through people coming together, meeting and knowing each other and sharing their lives, stories, thoughts...I think there isn't a better way to really kill our stupidities towards each other. (And the second best way is story telling arts and works I think)
3 - Some other inequalities which are inherently unjust:
-The geography where one was born in defines how much of the planet is accessible to him/her. (In theoretical sense here it looks very similar to racism)
-Corporations which are absolutely more harmful to everything than individual people move freely everywhere but the people can't?!? (Where is "the security of the nations" here?)
-If travelling is a way of education (which I think absolutely is) some people are not provided with this very basic right.


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    Jul 27 2011: Allow me to submit that, so long as there are those who wish to do harm to others, absolute freedom to travel anywhere we wish will be curtailed.

    Perhaps, when we have true "World Peace," we shall have such freedom?
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      Jul 27 2011: Dear Earl,


      Ok then, let's cut the travel right as a whole, globally. Everyone stays "at home". Deal? :) According to your argument this is the logical way, at least until the "world peace" is "offered" to us (maybe by aliens).

      How can I be sure that you do not have any bad intentions regarding a certain culture or country? Are the answers for these questions in your skin colour, in your mother tongue, in your religion, in your nationality, sexual orientation, etc.? Why is an US citizen allowed to travel nearly everywhere and why should an Afghani stay "at home". Is it because that Afghanis are potentially a threat to world peace?
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        Aug 21 2011: Humans are going to need to accept the idea that our purpose in life is to serve each other, not harm one another, before we have evolved to the point that we can have World Peace. Those of us who decide to grow more kind, thoughtful, patient, forgiving, etc... in short, more human, can measure our progress by monitoring how well we treat each other on the road. Road-Peace will be a step toward World Peace. (see my conversation on this, please)
    • Aug 18 2011: True world peace sounds like a utopian goal, an argument just to avoid more equitable free travel to all.

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