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Does everyone's opinion have the same value?

does education influence cognition?
can social factors shape your ideas?

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    Jul 18 2011: how do you define value?

    if you mean value as measured in dollars, opinions have no value at all.

    if you mean value as usefulness or truthfulness, opinions are surely not the same in that regard.

    if you mean value as equal right to exist, than yes, opinions has equal right to exist.

    the two sub-questions are in no way related to the title question.

    if education had no influence on cognition (and the entire personality), why would we have it? the very essence of education is changing the mental faculties of people.

    the effect of social factors on ideas, taste, world view and all other aspects of personality is also self-evident, and crystal clear.
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      Jul 18 2011: inadvertently you've stumbled upon one major aspect of the problem and that is interpretation.
      Our language is at the mercy of interpretation, your opinion, being the result of that interpretation.
      If across the street your female neighbor has different male visitors over daily, could form all kinds of opinions...but would it be the right one?
      I can understand how with a simple glance theses questions might not seem related but with further examination you will find that your education and the social factors around you weigh heavily on your personality and ultimately your opinions and notions.
      This is so misunderstood that most personality traits are attributed to genetic transference ,which is very dangerous because it does not give credit to the true culprit...Us.
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        Jul 19 2011: Jonathan, in your example maybe we can just go befriend the neighbor and see what's really happening, then perhaps the truth doesn't need opinions anymore.
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          Jul 19 2011: This is an awesome point,..opinions are easier to formulate than to actually invest time and money in searching for the truth.-
  • Jul 18 2011: I feel every ones opinion has value, it's knowing the opinion is based on facts etc. that makes it go up in value.
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    Jul 18 2011: Of course it depends on the subject matter and the reason for gaining someone's opinion. Often we judge people's opinions based on some pre-determined beliefs we hold, and we are merely looking for agreement to solidify your ideas! Interesting point Kate makes about 13-26 year olds rebelling - I can certainly sympathise with this notion, and infact would argue it hasn't ever stopped, but yes sometimes those closest to you can have a major impact on your own opinions, particularly if you feel strongly opposed to their beliefs.

    Jonathon's question asks whether everyone's opinion has the same value. To one scenario - no, because every scenario is limited to many factors, but on a wide scale, potentially yes - to an unlimited amount and variety of scenarios. Everyone has an area of 'expertise' or knowledge, whether they know it or not.