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Does everyone's opinion have the same value?

does education influence cognition?
can social factors shape your ideas?


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    Jul 18 2011: Of course it depends on the subject matter and the reason for gaining someone's opinion. Often we judge people's opinions based on some pre-determined beliefs we hold, and we are merely looking for agreement to solidify your ideas! Interesting point Kate makes about 13-26 year olds rebelling - I can certainly sympathise with this notion, and infact would argue it hasn't ever stopped, but yes sometimes those closest to you can have a major impact on your own opinions, particularly if you feel strongly opposed to their beliefs.

    Jonathon's question asks whether everyone's opinion has the same value. To one scenario - no, because every scenario is limited to many factors, but on a wide scale, potentially yes - to an unlimited amount and variety of scenarios. Everyone has an area of 'expertise' or knowledge, whether they know it or not.

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