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What you think is the best way to raise awareness?

The question could be taken to general topics, but comes to my mind: global warming and the safe use of internet. Surely there are ways that have not yet passed through my head.

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    Jul 19 2011: Invite more people to become Tedsters (TED people) then they will in turn bring more awareness to others.

    In our our world today, infusing more awareness in our educational systems as Kate mentioned and information campaigns to transform our world. http://bit.ly/SolutionStrategies
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    Jul 22 2011: If we really want to raise awareness and spark change, we have got to offer more carrots and fewer sticks. So often people are bombarded with the negatives (look at how depression leads to illness, look at how trash litters our rivers, etc.), but much less often are they shown a desirable alternative (if we saved this much money because of recycling, we could have this or that in every school in our community; if we cleaned up the river system, tourism dollars would increase). Perhaps nowhere is this more true than being able to present yourself as a model of health, compassion, and joy. People really, really want to feel joy like that, so when they see you have it, some of them are going to ask you how to get it, and you can share that your engagement with the world around you (environmental activism, helping out at the soup kitchen, whatever) is the secret.
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