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Can surf help people on organizations?

Surf is an wonderful sport. Does't matter if you are a expert or a begginer, you are always learn something on your surf session. When I was 36, I was with the burnout sindrome, depressive and unmotivated. Surf took me into a different world,with many examples of teamwork, selfmotivation and enterperneurism.

Surf culture helped me to see another ways to do business, and made me more creative. I left my 10 years HR and black suit job to be the HR of an advertisement company. Just because I've started to look at myself and discoverd my own motivation.

Do you think surf can help people on organizations?

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    Jul 20 2011: Beth, thanks for your answer!

    I think surf can help my creativity when I stop to do my usual things and have a time with myself to think about my issues.

    There is another point: surf is a big business. I know many people who had a hard working life, acting in an different area and now they work with something related to surf and have a hard work life, but they are happier. My proposal is to think about how we could be happier working in a business, earn money in a creative area and be happy.
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    Jul 19 2011: Most certainly yes! I'm a surfer and I can't even begin to think of the many ways its affected my work as well as my personal life. For one, it's made me sharper. Surfing is about quick thinking and quick reflexes. This easily aids my media business.

    One way in which surfing is annoying but helpful? A difficult paddle out. Its hard after you've had a bad day, because you keep getting hit and hit again and you don't seem to be progressing at all. But eventually, with some time and perseverance, you make it out. So patience for sure.

    As for increasing my creativity, I'm sure it has, but I can't see the immediate connection. I know its easier to be creative living by the sea than when I lived in the city. Well, maybe. That's a tough one: I don't know if its helped me be anymore creative, but it makes me happier, therefore I'm sure it contributes.