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How should India combat terrorism (both religious fundamentalist and social as in naxals) and concentrate on growth?

In the wake of recent serial bomb blasts in the financial capital of India, Mumbai, the government is being blamed again for failing to do enough to prevent such attacks after the infamous Nov 26 attack on 2008. The media is very active in covering the tragic event and so are discussion forums like this one I am starting.

The government claims to have been better prepared and credits itself of having dealt with the event in an efficient and prompt manner. The Home Ministry claims that there was no failure of intelligence and there were no intelligence support suggesting such an attack. The police investigations seem to lead nowhere or nothing has been made public at least.

On the other hand, life in Mumbai has apparently turned to its normal pace and everybody credits it to "the indomitable spirit of Mumbai". The citizens of Mumbai however, beg to differ and suggest that it is only the necessity is driving them to come back the next morning just so that they can earn their meal.

In this conversation, I seek to open it up for the TED audience and experts to elaborate why Indian efforts are insufficient if not ineffective in preventing terrorists from striking deep inside its borders. Why the law enforcement agencies are failing at their job in spite of claiming to be top notch. And how the socialist terrorist groups like naxalites are seemingly gaining more ground? Is India lacking the political will power or the executive depth to mitigate these bad forces? And finally, how this will impact the long term prospects of India in terms of military, financial, strategic and social developments.

Will you be kind enough to share Your thoughts!

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    Jul 16 2011: i don't know, but i do know that the american/israeli way does not work. please please don't do that.
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    Aug 16 2011: I think that in the end, the thoughts of terrorists need to be discussed and exposed to general scrutiny in the public eye. Like bugs under a rug, exposing the thinking processes to the light of day, and discussed in public formums is more likely to galvanize public condemnation and education than anything else. In addition, moderates of the same faith should be given air time to present a more balanced perspective. General condemnation of not the faith but of the tactics especially within vulnerable groups in the context of education could also help.
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    Aug 16 2011: The perception of justice needs to be delivered to the awareness of the people. Leaders are empowered to do this therefore the people expect assurances that everyone deserves equality in basic rights with concurrent criteria of global equality in terms of sustainability of products and services.

    Are the paths to justice clear so that people can trust and hope and care to help? How do we expound great aspects of our culture that binds us? Are the government systems constantly strengthened by transparency and accountability?
  • Jul 17 2011: I think very short answer to this is that India is still developing nation with range of problems and people in poverty. It will probably take decades to build strong institutions and security apparatus to manage such a large country and such a diverse population.

    Now I am not familiar with Kasmir and its history and people. Perhaps dealing with the problems in that region could lead to solution to terrorist attacks in India?
  • Aug 14 2011: Terrorism is a serious threat to India , since India is not ready to do what it takes to curb it. Firstly, the intelligence and security agencies are otherwise busy in attending to the political issues and red tape. Secondly, hardly any culprits are apprehended, because of possible offence it would cause to carefully nurtured vote banks of politicians. Thirdly, sufficient funds are not provided and there is no political will to carry overt and covert operations, which are necessary in these critical times. The enemies of India and democracy have declared are trying to make a thousand cuts to bleed India, and India is not taking affirmative action.
  • Jul 23 2011: A must read article: How India can tackle terrorism from Pakistan?
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    Jul 18 2011: The executive of Indian government cannot give justice to their respective positions.Today's India is like solving yesterday's problems , we are still approaching to develop while solving daily needs problem. We need an update in constitution , managing a Developing country and Post-Independence country are two different entities which we are trying to regularize with the same customs. We give managers to the world, yet fail to organize our own country which is immaturely traded by the hands of manipulators. Its becoming a tradition to blame the government , but more attention is required in HOW TO's building of a modern nation. Strategies need to be changed they should be Heuristic not experimental upon which we are trying to define our GDP. Well ,we are being taught in that way of only 'Developing' being the definition. Restructuring , Renovating an old nation is task we avoided to figure ,Thus, bringing more complexities forming an irrational web that consumes its will to grow as needed.

    P.S-This are the views of an young old indian.