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What are the contradictions of Christ?

This question is not concerning the historical authenticity but the scriptural validity of the Gospels. In the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John what are the contradictions that exist?


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  • Aug 15 2011: The most illogical part of Christian belief is the idea that Christ dying on the cross allows for God to forgive individual sin. This is troubling on many levels.

    One must first believe that there is a personage who created us and everything we know. Out of all the other species roaming the planet this exalted being has decided to judge us.
    This sounds strange to me and causes me to wonder why an all knowing, all loving, eternal being would create spirit children who upon their bodily death he could then judge based on their actions during the short blip of time which they lived. Furthermore, what would this God be teaching his children through his actions? Children are taught that when they do something bad there will be a consequence they must face. Christianity teaches that if you do something wrong there will be no eternal consequence so long as you repent, then Christ takes the consequence for you... How is that justice?? Why would the father of all of our spirits lay out a lesson of irresponsibility such as this?

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