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Did humans come from outside the earth?

Humans, they are over consuming the planet, always have a curiosity to discover what's "outside" and what's behind that, as if they don't belong to earth. The evolution of their bodies depends on the mental strength rather than a direct physical strength. There is a huge difference between human and other animals in the mental strength. And their bodies aren't equipped with any strength that is connected to some environmental threat.

As it is a question that whether all the life on earth came from Mars, this is a question whether humans come from a different place
(Please don't connect this question to any religion)

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    Feb 25 2011: Well, where else could we have come from?
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    Feb 20 2011: No. Humans have evolved from apes which in turn have evolved in chain from the first life form on earth.

    I think the question is 'Did the first single celled organisms came from outside the earth?"

    I don't think that is likely and we don't have any evidence to point to any of the hypothesis. The correct answer is that we do not know.
  • Feb 19 2011: No. This earth is our place of origin. Other planets (and even some places on Earth) are likely to have life forms, and we may not recognize them as such since they may be so different from us.