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Let’s show Translated TED talks at schools. Let’s engage local TED translators in retelling their favorite Ted talks for kids at schools.

Usually TED translators translate their most favored talks and they cans retell these talks in a way to transfer the wisdom and inspiration. TED translators are very devoted to TED they usually volunteer not only for translating the talks, but also for organizing TEDx events. I am sure if there will be a program of retelling the TED talks for kids at schools they’ll be happy to help. Often it is hard for kids to follow the translated subtitles, as they go fast. If somebody would tell them about the talks that would make this experience very exciting. I have shown the William Kamkwamb TED talk at my son’s class. He is only 8, but if you would see the excitement in his and his friends faces. Especially it was interesting to listen to their comments about what they have learned from the talk. They started from the most traditional thinking saying that it is good to become famous. When I asked how, then they started to think and reflect. They started to mention that William was studying hard, he was not afraid to follow his dream, he didn’t give up, and didn’t disappoint from difficulties his family was experiencing…
I cannot stop always think what would happen to me If I would see William’s Talk when I was 8….I think there are TED talks that our kids should see from very early age…


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