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Judaism - Christianity - Islam

You all share a common God!

Why are the other faiths interpreting God's message in an incorrect way?

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    Jul 16 2011: The issue lies within the concept of the same God. For Judaism the God they know is one who has selected them as a privileged race above all others. For Islam they know a God that has selected a privileged group and requires direct adherence to legalistic acts of submission. For Christians the God they know is one that calls all people and the requirement is only that they acknowledge the character, identity and sacrifice of God through Christ.

    As you can see while all three faiths can draw lineage back to the God of Abraham the identity of each God differs in several key ways.
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      Jul 16 2011: That sounds like a very Christian answer.
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      Jul 19 2011: Are those particlar core things incompatible though? Can't you accept that the jews were God's chosen race, but God would accept anyone who aknowledges his existense, the sacrifice of his son AND the teachings of all "prophets" including both Jesus and Mohamed.

      Now, of course, you could rightfully say "no", because the teachings of the different prophets contradict each other in some ways. But then the question is "who, If anyone, is right in cases of conflicts? How do we prove it?". You can't honestly start with the assumption that someone is correct above all others.
      • Jul 22 2011: I think Vasil is proposing quite the radical change for religion. Accept it all. The thing is, religion is based on old teachings. So to introduce a new concept, or to even broaden the understanding of a previously explained concept is seen as wrong.

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