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Judaism - Christianity - Islam

You all share a common God!

Why are the other faiths interpreting God's message in an incorrect way?

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    Jul 17 2011: .
    And all these monotheistic religions also share the same desert.

    The harshness of these religions can be explained fully well by their origin; a desert society where resources were scarce: if you steal a jug of water or a goat, we'll cut off your head!

    Monotheistic desert religions are not suitabble for modern societies whose people neither live in deserts nor juggle around with water and goats any longer.
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      Jul 17 2011: I give my comment to disagree
      what environment has to do with belief
      I think, there is no relation whatsoever (this what I think)
      aside, this desert region, more or less, included "all" religions
      actually the all versions of the religion
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        Jul 17 2011: The environmental circumstances in which religions are invented, are highly influential on the contents and qualities of those religions.

        -In environments where you have a lot of natural objects (stones, rivers, trees, animals, etc...) you tend to find animism. This can be found in pre-Chrisitan Europe, tropical Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia. All these regions offer animism.

        -In monotone environments with scarce resources, you see the emergence of monotheism (first Zoroastrianism in the deserts of Iran), then the other desert religions. These regions and societies needed hard, crazy, punishing Gods to discipline the population. Else, the social fabric based on a fragile, resource-scarce economy would disintegrate.

        -In fertile regions, with lots of natural objects and a growing agriculture that allows societies to accumulate wealth, you find polytheism (Egypt, Roman Europe, India, etc...).

        Ecology and religion go hand in hand.

        The same thing is true for highly urbanised and tech- and science-based societies. What you find in this environment is atheism, because people no longer need religion to understand the world, and their scientific and technological views allows them to use resources rather efficiently and to prevent scarcity.

        This is all normal and natural. The environment determines which kind of religion is possible.
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          Jul 17 2011: To me, there is no religion that teaches bad things because if it does, then it wouldn't be called a religion.Geography and weather affects the people and their way of thinking/culture, not the religion.
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          Jul 17 2011: And yes, I believe in God ( That makes us differ in that case).Have a nice day!
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          Jul 17 2011: to me, I don't see the link (environments - religion(s)
          if knowing where that religion was important, we better check, if we could, why this region in specific
          more or less it's impossible for us to know
          in an analogy, sure this is not a picture of how things go, though, to just clarify and make you understand
          if a manager that have supervision over a number of employees
          if he selects one of them to become a vice manager
          he, sure, sees things the rest of employees don't see, or he knows what he wants
          we are not being able to question him, he's the supervisor (employees are not supposed to question their supervisor)
          back to the religion case, Muslims are characterized by believing in what they have not seen
          meaning, in older versions of the religion, prophets used to have supernatural moves to make people believe in them
          but in case of Islam, there is no such thing
          aside, we don't need a pope-like position to tell us what to do or what not to
          this is the last update of the religion, gives limits not to go beyond
          such as killing, drinking alcohol, blood, swine or pork....... (but there are cases when these issues are acceptable)
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    Jul 19 2011: dear muhammad. i appreciate whatever you said i wanted to say the same thing. but the example of terrorist organizations like taliban and all use ISLAM and misinterpret it to the people and train them as terrorists. because muslims have been sacrifising their lives for their religion and in the name of their religion. jihad is indeed in islam but it is misinterpreted by the propaganda and terrorist organizations.
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      Jul 19 2011: Yes you are right Sumeera, but let me highlight what you said so some of us could read and understand it better : "jihad is indeed in islam but it is MISINTERPRETED by the propaganda and terrorist organizations".What the Muslims practice may or may NOT be Islamic.That,I think, the non-Muslims should understand.
  • Jul 20 2011: I am intending to live until then, and see for myself.
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    Jul 19 2011: and thank u the crusader
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    Jul 18 2011: Religions were 'correct' for those who subscribed to them at the time of their conception, given that lack of scientific knowledge about what goes on in the universe had no choice but to be brought into the consciousness via metaphor. Incorrectness probably now derives from the modern interpretations of those archaic metaphors, including any ancient messages there may have been from God.
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    Jul 18 2011: Jimmy, what do you think about NDE's?

    It seems that the research on NDE's can give us a peek into life after death, or consciousness after physical death and this may have the potential to let all people see the underlying unity of our faiths and convictions.,
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      Jul 18 2011: Hi Joel,
      I think that NDE's are just what they are called, a near death experience... It may make people think about what's valuable in life but I really don't believe in an afterlife...
      I don't think this is the appropriate conversational for this Joel, could you share a link to such a conversation and I'll join briefly to tell you more about my views on the topic.
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        Jul 18 2011: Okay Jimmy, I made a separate conversation -

        So more to this conversation, can you mention what are the main ways that you see God's message is interpreted the wrong way?
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          Jul 19 2011: Your conversation seems do have been deleted Joel.... maybe we can take it via email or something... if you check my conversation there's a lot of talk on NDE's and my thoughts on the subject is as those of Matthieu Miossec... Also my Views on faith and religion is well described by the word Athiest and the commentary on the link.

          I didn't create this conversation to be the driving force myself and I'd rather stay out of it to not discourage people from sharing their views on God... As I believe there is no God and I want to get a grip on what people think "the correct message from god" is and not turn it into a Religion - Agnosticism - Atheism debate I will try to keep out of it if not asked...
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    Jul 18 2011: This is what I heard from a Hindu friend, he said to me that Hindus too believed in the oneness of God but God can be presented in many forms.If that is true, I don't think that they miss too far from monotheism.Correct me if I am wrong TED friends.
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    Jul 18 2011: well in my opinion people just use Religion and FEELINGS in the use of their own agendas. like it is done with muslim extremest groups. in islam people can die for their religion, so the Master mind's behind the "BAD AND EVIL DEEDS use them" they brain wash them. i am a pakistani and i know religion is a very sensitive matter. it is moslty g0verned by the political agenda's.
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      Jul 18 2011: " in Islam people can die for their religion"

      what's that all about? never heard of that before...
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          Jul 19 2011: Yes I've heard of those news before but they were all in the name Islam.Ironically, Islam never teaches the Muslims to die for the religion itself.Islam teaches the Muslims to live peacefully with everyone..To kill or be killed is just totally wicked and wrong.Do you understand what I'm saying here?
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          Jul 19 2011: Then we should follow what the prophet always asks us to do : go back to the Koran and hadiths...

          "whosoever killeth a human being... it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind..."- Koran, 5:32
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          Jul 19 2011: "Better you try and convince those of your religion who are killing every day rather than me."

          Trust me, I'm doing all I can to convince those people that Islam is indeed peaceful.It's up to you to believe or not to believe.I shared it with you to promote a better understanding with you regarding Islam.I hope this clears the air around here.You have a nice day,okay?
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          Jul 19 2011: " Muslims have to be peaceful." You know that not all of us are terrorists.

          " I just want Muslims not to kill Africans in Sudan,Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, Buddhists in Thailand just north of your border, Hindus in India, Christians in the Phillipines, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, USA, Europe, or kill any non-Muslim wherever they can."

          You may call them idiots but you can never accuse all Muslims of being like that.
          Would you stop stereotyping already...? You too have to do your part in promoting world peace.Your hateful comments are certainly not one of them.
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          Jul 19 2011: "I just want Muslims not to kill Africans in Sudan,Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, Buddhists in Thailand just north of your border, Hindus in India, Christians in the Phillipines, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, USA, Europe, or kill any non-Muslim wherever they can."

          STEREOTYPING THE MUSLIMS.should I call this a lovely comment? Your comments are deleted because you are being unfair by stereotyping all of us into violent terrorists.You should know better than that.Plus, you should be rather rational about this not emotional.
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          Jul 19 2011: Firstly, highlighting is not yelling.Secondly, I thought that I've told you before that I'm doing my best to spread to those extremists the idea that Islam is a religion of peace.Believe me,I hate them too.Instead of us fighting each other, we should discuss further ways to achieve global peace but with you being so offensive, I just don't know how to end this negative argument.
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          Jul 19 2011: There have always been killings in the name of this or that religion, that doesn't mean there can't be moderately religious people who find those actions vile. Saying Muslims and then adding "some Muslims" in brackets doesn't nullify your clear stereotyping. You need only to look at Eastern Europe to see examples of Christian violence. But shall we blame all the Christians for it? Should we also blame Jews for the way Israel treat Palestinians? No, it's ridiculous.

          I'm sure Muhammad condemns all sorts of violence. But right here, right now, you're unfairly attacking his belief and so his comments are all justified. Telling him to take it on the extremists instead of you is not an argument.

          I'm no fan of religion, but I really don't like the 'learned all I need to know about Islam on 911' attitude some people have.
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          Jul 19 2011: A lady from Pakistan who went to a Christian school...big surprise...
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      Jul 19 2011: Let's not fool ourselves, almost all religions have at one time or another motivated suicidal behavior.
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          Jul 19 2011: doesn't justify anything, just pointing out that religions are all show the same pathological symptoms. We can all point fingers at Al Qaeda and say "Islam is a religion of violence". But really, they all have been and all have the potential to be. All religions have their extremists.
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        Jul 19 2011: Yeah, the saddest bit is that if Islam can survive for a few hundred years more, Muslims will shake off everything bad done in the name of it in the same way that Christians nowadays shake off the crusades, the inquisition and the KKK.
  • Jul 17 2011: Sure! All with restrictions and limitations, of course. What I was aiming at is being a pious- and good person, and not to teach hate.
  • Jul 17 2011: And we Jews believe G-d went with the temple in 72 CE, and will come back.
    Now I think that when he comes back we will see who is right, and all convert to that religion.
    Because the descriptions of the end are such that all 3 religions see it differently.
    Until then we shall live in peace. The end.
    Anyway Jewdaism (and probably the world as we know it) has 200+- years and ticking. If the end doesn't come then- I convert. The problem is- the end will come then.
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      Jul 17 2011: Whatever it is, we must live peacefully and at the same time promote peace.correct?
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      Jul 19 2011: "Anyway Jewdaism (and probably the world as we know it) has 200+- years and ticking."
      Where exactly is that claim made i.e. what source?
      (I'm not going to even bother asking for evidence, as I know you have none)

      I'm asking because there have always been doomsday predictions in almost all of written history. Needless to say none of them ever came true.

      And, in case you haven't guessed already, they all share a common characteristic - they're all either to occur within one's lifetime, or within the next generation or two. There is a reason for that, but I don't think you want to know it.
  • Jul 16 2011: I think the question will always come down to Jesus. Although they all believe in the same god, that god sent his only son to be the sacrifice for their sins; only reason being was that the custom of the ancient Israelites was to make the best sacrifice possible for atonement of their sins. Jesus had to be sent in order to be the perfect sacrifice and no one else had to make sacrifices to be forgiven of their sin. At the same time this is only a consequence of the plan that God had. His sole purpose for sending His son was to get people a way back to Him.

    My last comment is this: all of history, artifacts, stories, and research point to a holy man, Jesus. My problem with these religions is that they choose to say what God did and did not say, did or did not do. He does proclaim a savior from early in the Bible and He sends Him, just like every other promise, and fulfills the promise.
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    Jul 16 2011: The issue lies within the concept of the same God. For Judaism the God they know is one who has selected them as a privileged race above all others. For Islam they know a God that has selected a privileged group and requires direct adherence to legalistic acts of submission. For Christians the God they know is one that calls all people and the requirement is only that they acknowledge the character, identity and sacrifice of God through Christ.

    As you can see while all three faiths can draw lineage back to the God of Abraham the identity of each God differs in several key ways.
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      Jul 16 2011: That sounds like a very Christian answer.
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      Jul 19 2011: Are those particlar core things incompatible though? Can't you accept that the jews were God's chosen race, but God would accept anyone who aknowledges his existense, the sacrifice of his son AND the teachings of all "prophets" including both Jesus and Mohamed.

      Now, of course, you could rightfully say "no", because the teachings of the different prophets contradict each other in some ways. But then the question is "who, If anyone, is right in cases of conflicts? How do we prove it?". You can't honestly start with the assumption that someone is correct above all others.
      • Jul 22 2011: I think Vasil is proposing quite the radical change for religion. Accept it all. The thing is, religion is based on old teachings. So to introduce a new concept, or to even broaden the understanding of a previously explained concept is seen as wrong.
  • Jul 16 2011: The main question (I think) is when g-d came and left, who did he send, and what was the message.
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      Jul 17 2011: :) is it important to know when?!
      but who god sent, were known
      we as muslims believe, that god has sent Noah, Mozes, Jesus, and Mohamed and many others before them
      we as muslims have to believe in them all
      why they were sent, to deliver a message
      that there is only one god, and to worship god
      but most of the Jews didn't believe in Jesus, so they have stopped there
      and most of the Christians didn't believe in Mohamed so they stopped there
      that's it
      but "we" have to believe in them all