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What is the Role of your Role Model in your life ?

Wish everyone has got one or the other or even multiple role model. As kid parents or grand parents possibly become first Role Model.

As we grow up , we know more and take some other as our Role Model. some of which may be of Global Image. More we know them there is possibility of evolving image of the Role Model. Role Model can come from any area , from religious figure, scientist, poet, philosopher, artist , politician , social reformer and so on ......

Say at the begining this Role Model can be percieved as super human (at least happened to me) so what s/he does or did seems right. But an open mind , exploratory mind find them a human being with all upsides and downsides (again it happened to me). During that exploration phase some Role Model can also be abandoned wholely by a person in someother case they still remain as Role Model but the exploratory mind remain aware of those human mistakes or downsides Role Model has.

But if the someone is not exploratory about her/his Role Model, that Role Model can take the place someone with devine power and charater. In such case the person can be easily mislead by the Role Model. As it happens to many extrimist organisation and their members if I am not wrong.

Now the questions to TED community are

1) When you first fixed someone as your Role Model?
2) Did the image of your Role Model changed to you over time as you knew more ?
3) If yes what was your feeling?
4) Are still searching for a Role Model for you ?
5) Do a person really need to have a Role Model ?
4) Do you feel Blindly following role model can take follower to a wrong end ?

Will be eager to hear from you

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    Jul 17 2011: My family was my first role models and remain so as far as their knowledge of our world does. Then came my teachers and people of my great culture. I have so far seen the vast knowledge I learned from my own culture expressed in many spheres of life like I see in TED talks.

    My intuition is that the same perspective can be seen also from other cultures that's why I believe in the power of our faiths and convictions contributing in transforming our world.
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      Jul 18 2011: Good to hear from you Joe.
      Yes that's right for most of us one or the other family members and teachers become role model with great influence from own Culture. At times we may also have Role Model outside own geography even. These days it can happen more due to cennectivity.

      Did you have such role model for yourself ?
      What about your thoughts if someone starts blindly following "Role Model" without using own consciousness about the pros and cons of that Role Model ? After all Role Models are humane being so must have thier own shortcomings as well.

      Would love to get your thoughts.
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        Jul 18 2011: Great to hear from you too Salim! Interesting topic here.

        I don't have a particular model that I strictly follow. I seem to be picking the best traits of people expounding our power to care, hope and trust. I mostly hear about them from news and no matter how bad news sometimes dominate our media, there are also many people who triumph and go beyond the pessimism that bad news sometimes deliver.

        I'm sure we can have a comprehensive list from our history and current affairs and my jotty memory can only remember some right now like Barack Obama in his campaign of hope, Bill Gates in his caring foundation or Klaus Schwab in his transforming WEF.

        Of course we have here at TED Chris Anderson who sees the power of our inspired minds and hearts globally transforming our world. As I said my short list won't do justice to all the other great people of our planet.

        I think that an extremist is usually a person or people who feels or believes that they are put in the corner and have no other recourse other than destruction. I believe that the justification for such thinking is something we can all help to clarify by our understanding and care, like what you are doing in this conversation.

        It looks like the irony here is the other end of extremism which I would call silent extremism. Our great minds of today have harnessed the power of our sciences enough to take care of everybody and our planet but we don't, yet. Do you think it would be appropriate to state that our uncaring hearts and minds, like the way we misuse our role models, is causing also this silent extremism?
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          Jul 18 2011: Thanks Joe for your thoughtful post. Really enriching.
          Though I had a few role models who were my heros /superheros in my childhood, as I started discovering their downsides was frustrated a bit at first. Later could realize they are all human being , so strated picking only the good parts for which they were so to me.
          We can pick many good traits from people around us. As all human being must have some good side as well.

          I agree what you said about our uncaring heart , mind but other point I am wondering if one doesn't keep her/his mind open or in exploratory mode s/he might fall in the trap of what I can say "Role Model Syndrome".

          That means whatever Role Model did or does or will do is absolutely right and unquestionable. That can put oneself either in to silent extrimism as you nicely coined or in it's severe form can turn in to open and loud extrimism for which we have lot example around. If you look deep in to the any extrimist movement , you will find that Role Model Syndrome (I am sure you are well aware of it).

          Thanks Joe.......have very good day