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How do you get youth to spontaneously organize such movements?

I am 15 years old. Since when I remember myself I asked questions about anything- my motto: Ask, think, do.
That's why I am a TED fan. That's why I am pro-youth organizations.
I also go to one of the most prestigious schools in my country.
And there I discovered something worrying:
All people in my school HAD this tremendous mind and mental capacity- but they wasted it on Facebook... (300 people).
Then, the tough core of political seeing- group. (20+)
And then the core- interested in the wide social fabric (no more than 5).
Is that it?
No. I was in the boarding school comprised of locals sleeping at home and others from the rest of the country.
Now, out of 900 external students (locals)-
about 50-100 were in the second tier,
and a core of about 100-200 (interesting in it's own right, this fact).
Which raises a few questions:
1. Is the reason of this the higher socio-political standing of the local ( and of the richest area in the country, i might ad) people?
2. the boarding school itself gave us plenty of social opportunities, but we didn't pick them up. Why?
3. I don't see anyone my age with an ideological passion of an El-Kaida guy (or me, actually). Is there something wrong with the message?
4. Is it a matter of letting the people grow, or will this never arrive. On the one hand, my sister's friends got this "bug" at 17 (along with many in their age group), but my friends seem to be heading toward a pointless "knowless" life. I mean- more than even a democratic issue- one of my friends told me 'I will study for my job, make a whole lot of cash- and retire to a pleasure island". What with the desire of knowledge? Or is this just me?
6. Another thing- why is the political conversation going in a hypocritical way (much like our mainstream media)?


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  • Jul 17 2011: I could not agree more!
    That connects to sir Ken Robinson, too.

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