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Could your personal/professional life survive 30 days without your cell phone?

We are so dependant upon cellular tech that many people would go crazy without the ability to instantly access others (calls, social networks, etc.) and accompanying data. Considering modern business practices and shrinking reliability on land-lines, do you think your personal or professional life could survive a 30 day outage?


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    Jul 16 2011: Personal:yes
    Professional: NO!
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      Jul 16 2011: LOL, your cell is clearly a big part of your professional life. :) Do you think your social life would be impacted?
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        Jul 16 2011: Hi Corey, I maintain my social life in other ways. Nothing beats personal contact and I like to speak with my friends from my home phone most of the time.
        For my professional life, giving hospitals and their staffs access to my professional email so that they can contact me at any time on my blackberry is actually improving the quality of care and enhancing business. (Don't tell my employer but I am so responsive to my clients because the idea of helping to alleviate suffering and saving lives is what really motivates me so I don't mind being available 24/7 to help! Having benefited personally from the expertise of infection prevention specialists- I want to give back- life for life.)
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          Jul 16 2011: I'm impressed. Many people don't take such an active approach to making the world a better place by doing the little things (and the littel things add up!) Kudos to you!

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