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I have schizophrenia and have recovered, I do take medication and that's what helped get me here. Most people including doctors don't believe you can recover from an illness such as this, I'm proof that you can. I lead a normal life, own my own home, have good friends, family, full time work at a good salary and take care of my mother. I would like for anyone on here to debate me on how they agree that you can't recover. I will agree there is no cure, but there is a good life after illness if you work at it.


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    Aug 15 2011: In our mad society mental illness needs to be understood as a normal reaction to our mad surroundings......... if we call our everyday life "normal", then we are surely Not normal. Our artificial man-made environment provokes endless mental and physical illnesses. These things do not happen in wilderness. One needs to find a very powerful belief within himself to stay unharmed.

    Every century our "Norms" change. If we look back into our past, say, learn how the majority of people have lived a few centuries ago, how they have been thinking, doing, and why they have been fighting and judging each other and seeing wrong and right, many of us would call this madness.

    Some of us are born with extraordinary sensitivity and intuition when we can see and feel something that others cannot. For that reason we might be diagnosed as ill individuals and be forced to be medicated. Our medical sciences with all sophisticated medications and technology still has a mentality that's stuck in Descartes' times!

    Peaceful nature is always the best cure.

    Best Wishes, James.
  • Jul 17 2011: Hi Anthony

    I believe I have recovered by taking medication, working and gaining back my social skills. It's not an easy thing to do but it can be done. I have a job doing public speaking on the subject and I believe that helps also. I have changed the minds of some doctors and a lot of people, I hope your one of them.

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    Jul 16 2011: So what do you ascribe your recovery to.
  • Jul 15 2011: Thank you Salim
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    Jul 15 2011: Congratulations James!!! You proved them wrong.
    Well in this era of medical , technological development there are lots of STIGMA ,blind belief around any sort near psychiatric conditions that need to be changed. I see you could be one of those rare change agents.
    There are many conditions like hypertension, diabetes we still couldn't have the mantra of cure for those but those can be well managed and many are also managing well and everybody is fine with that, but for near psychiatric conditions we still archaic in our thoughts. Hope people like you will break that vicious cycle.
    Cheers my friend :)