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The evolution of consciousness and culture

The evolution of consciousness and culture is a classic principle in spiritual societies throughout time where this knowledge of an evolving universe has been at the very least intuited. We have understood that in order for the world to change consciousness has to evolve, and since consciousness and culture are inter-related, so too does culture have to evolve through our own vehicles. I wonder how much consciousness there is of this movement in consciousness toward the new in this TED community. My guess is that there is quite a lot of consciousness around this topic. But i also feel that unless we begin to embody this new consciousness as ourselves in everything that we do, so that this consciousness can begin to transform the world around us, we will be falling short of the radical potential to create a new culture of higher values together.

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    Jul 15 2011: "The evolution of consciousness and culture is a classic principle in spiritual societies throughout time " strating with this sentence
    You want to mean there was no evolution in culture or consciousness who are not spiritual ?

    If so your whole premise is invalid (sorry to say that), because rational, logical , scientific minds evolve more .................only scientific minds have courage to say what is proven fact today , can be wrong tomorrow............
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      Jul 15 2011: Well, thats basically the flaw of the scientific paradigm or scientism. Which is basically a pseudo form of religious fundamentalism. If you want to point out flaws in my own understanding of consciousness please do so, i am will and ready to admit where i am wrong or where my thinking can go further. But merely stating your point of view isn't getting us anywhere.
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        Jul 16 2011: Hi Rohan
        Actually I tried to point out the Flaw of premise not your understanding. But seems I was not clear.

        First of all I did not take it as a debate Spiritualism / Religon Vs Science. (Plenty of discussion here on the subject is going on here already, moreover my view due to it quite opposite root , that kind debate is unnecessary and never ending one, which is visible also here in TED)

        Let's discuss point by point

        First point what I focused is the term "Evolution" of your premise, which I took as a process change (slower than revolution).
        Do you think spritual mind really evolves while scientific mind is static ? Or both changes but spiritual mind changes faster (I have my reservation to say Society as a whole to be Spiritual it's more individual)

        Second do you think "Consciousness " only evolves from spirituality ? (as that's the notion I got form your sentence that I referred in my earlier post here.

        Like you I am also ready to understand flaw of my post. Thanks
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          Jul 16 2011: Firstly i don't think consciousness only evolves through spirituality, although when we talk about the evolution of consciousness and culture there is a big spiritual dimension to it. But what we are also talking about is our morals, ethics, psychology etc. So consciousness and culture evolve through these different mediums.

          And referring to your earlier post. I do think a scientific mind is needed in order to understand these complex topics. One needs to be at at least a logical, rational stage of development or the orange meme if you want to use SPIRAL DYNAMICS, in order to begin to cognize these higher truths.
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          Jul 18 2011: Rohan,I agree with you competely that consciousness does not only evolve through spirituality.

          All of the energy we generate in our lifetime, good and bad, feeds consciousness whether we intend it or not. We are constantly engaged within, and engaged by, consciosness whether or not we are aware of it or intend it.

          I also do not believe ( as further developed in a post above also replying totyou) that we need to "be transforned" or engage a path of pirtual transformation to contribute to the massive global cultural transformation we must undertake to bring our use of this fragile sphere back to a level of sustainability.

          Finally, as a contemplative, my purpose is to strengthen myself for service to humanity..to build my faculties of will, to elevate my "seeing" and observing..to hone my thinking..to build and strengthen my faculties of will and concentration.. my purpose is not to understand "consciousness" or to seek my own spirtual enlightenment or transformation but to be ready and able to serve to the best of my ability..to somehow make my life meaningful to others. .
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        Jul 16 2011: Thanks for clarifying. Seems we are on the same page.
        My feeling is that now a days techonology of connectivity has got higher impact on our consciousness and culture than ever before.

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