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What do you understand by "science"?

Although I have my proper idea about what science is,
I want to know what your idea about it!

Is science a method?
A set of knowledge?
a verb?
a group of people?
Can physics, math, logic, economics, medicine, art, dance, law, cooking,... be called sciences? why or why not?
Or are all above questions totally missing the point?

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    Jul 15 2011: None of your choices speak to me. There is the scientific method, but method modifies science, it does not define it. Science creates and expands a set of knowledge, but science is more of a way to obtain that knowledge. Science is a verb, but it also a noun. A group of people are scientist, but they are not science. And yes I think all of those things could be called sciences, but I also think they could more aptly be called art.
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    Jul 15 2011: Is a set of knowledge systematically organized! That way any new idea need to be explained and coherent with ols ideas. If something can be explained, the science reject the new idea, or the idea change the science!
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    Jul 15 2011: Science is the art of knowledge.
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    Jul 17 2011: Science is pervasive but the only thing that seem to matter is what our science can know and control. Our science needs to be matched with the science of our hearts (our love, humanism, moral sense) or our science may amount to nothing.
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    Jul 15 2011: I guess science is something that can be understood by a large group, based on something that happens in the world or we use to interact with the world or society and that the entire process can be repeated and is predictable to a degree.
  • Jul 15 2011: Science is a language of understanding.
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    • Jul 15 2011: Birdia! how are you? I've arrived safely back from my Tuscan research mission....
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        • Jul 18 2011: hah. yes mission complete. its beautiful.