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Should TED join the E-patient revolution?

There is a trend, a revolution, going on on the internet... It's patients helping patients! It's like getting a second, third, forth (and so on) opinion!

How should TED join or contribute to the "E-patient revolution" that's going on?

Watch the related talk and this YouTube clip

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    Jul 20 2011: I watched Dave deBronkart's talk and was impressed with his story of survival.

    As I read down through the thread of comments I came across this Chinese proverb: "prolonged illness makes the patient a good doctor."


    There is no doubt in my mind that to unlock the knowledge of patients is to open the door to better healthcare. How can TED can contribute? Maybe every TEDMed conference should include a "Patient" forum. .. Perhaps Hans Rosling would like to get involved and share his data collection techniques… I don’t know. I’ve always liked NPR’s “StoryCorps” series concept of people telling stories about their lives that shed light….

    Dave's story represents a threat to current medical practice. But then again, this is often-times a matter of life and death, as was the case with Dave.

    No doubt that, hypothetically speaking, patients could do more to help their cause and it would serve everyone well (medical staff and patients). Medical staff, however, are a more homogenous group than patients and therefore more predictable in their actions and behavior. I would expect that half the patients would A) not want to be involved but instead be "good" patients and follow doctor’s orders, or 2) become involved in ways that would be a hindrance to the medical team whose talents and time are already stretched thin (I’ve watched my own father do this and it was not pretty).

    Tangent Question: If this were a discussion about educational system and what’s wrong with it, who would be “the patient”? The teacheror the student?

    However, there is something revolutionary about e-patient Dave’s quest to empower patients. I say go for it and deal with the side effects as they crop up!

    There is a system in place now for members of my health plan (Patient Gateway) where they can view online their entire medical history. Good start. That might be the best jumping off point…
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    Jul 25 2011: There is a great community behind the explosion of CCSVI treatment related to MS who's pioneers I believe would be excellent TEDtalk candidates, what would be the best way to go about sharing their story with TED?
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    Jul 14 2011: I totally support this
    as for me, I see health care is a field like any other field, for a person to be equipped with information and experience will add to our knowledge and health (in case of e-patients)
    I don't care about the title patients or e-patients, more important to being healthier
    again life has changed, the process should change

    TED is now helping e-patients by opening this discussion
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    Jul 16 2011: This is also happening in mental healths fields as well with organizations such as the icarus project. I'm all for this spreading of information.