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How can I (we) help you navigate

I spend A LOT of time on Conversation and quite often I find people wanting things from TED that are already there, they just don't know how to use or access it.

It may be how to upload a picture to your profile, or even how to access and edit your profile.
You may be having problems with the quality of the Talks, there are good ways around this.
You might have a suggestion to improve the subtitles of a Talk but don't know how.
Do you want some kind of notification system? It's already here actually, you just need to check your Email!

There are numerous problems that we all have with how to use in the best way and I'll gladly help/guide you so that your experience can be as fulfilling as possible.

Just ask!

Edit: If you see anyone asking for help on TED please share a link to this Conversation so that they can be helped.

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    Jul 16 2011: Jimmy, You embody the spirit of TED. Thanks for being you!
  • Jul 14 2011: I teach in middle school. I would really like the talks to list or include what level of education is needed to understand the material.
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      Jul 14 2011: I think this is not available right now.
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      Jul 15 2011: Hi Kristen,
      I'm sorry to say that what Ahmet says is true, It's not available (now). I have seen suggestions for this before and I'm sure It's something that TED is pondering. If you'd like to you can always Email them and ask, I think is the appropriate place to send it to...

      However, because you are a teacher I'd really like you to check out TED-ED, It's a fairly new project that I think has a lot of potential in the long run also I know that they (we) would welcome any contribution you might have.

      Please check the (somewhat unorganized) site:

      Hope that "helped" and please don't hesitate to ask any further questions!
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    Jul 14 2011: I wonder where TED is going and what its goal is. I'm really appreciate the will of sharing ideas in this community, but I've no idea how TED did so far. So, although beginners of TED like me wanted to share their ideas for TED, they hesitate do so.
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      Jul 14 2011: Hi Kazutaka,

      TED is actually going Everywhere! It's really hard to define a general direction, maybe you've noticed all the different topics that are on Conversations and Talks, all of them are however in some way or another aiming at making the world a better place.

      I understand that It's hard to open up and share your ideas when first discovering TED, but the more you watch and learn the more open you'll probably get and see the endless opportunities you, we have to make a difference for the better in this world!

      I see that you're into pharmaceutics, I just now watched a talk that you may find related, I also think it represents the good.-will of the TED community. Please watch it if you like.

      I hope I answered your question in a somewhat satisfying way...

      All the best!
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        Jul 14 2011: Thank you for your replying me and introducing interesting talk, Jimmy. I will check it out later.

        In my pharmaceutical company, we are always being required to produce innovation for our health. But, as you know, it is very difficult to find something of value just in the office. This is similar circumstance in TED. So, I came here to seek something for us and to share my experiences in business for TED. Please gve my hand for you!!
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          Jul 14 2011: I'm sorry Kazutaka but I don't understand the meaning of "Please gve my hand for you!!", could you please tell me what you mean?
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        Jul 16 2011: Oops, I meant I want to cooporate with you for TED.