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Here's a "Meme" for you.

Here is a meme that I hope will get stuck in your brain and multiply. I hope it festers and causes you to repeat it to all of you friends and family. I hope they catch it and regurgitate it at work and at school. I hope it becomes a global epidemic.


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    Jul 15 2011: if you assumed everything you know is worng, then any change would make you happy, instead of mad.
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    Jul 31 2011: Stephen, I love you too. Your are indeed a very precious individual, with great intellect and great good will!

    You just summoned the words from my profile:

    I care and love everyone as most of us do. My wish is I have the biggest heart and wealth in the world and care and love every single one of our brothers and sisters specially the children, the weak and the suffering ones.

    When you mentioned "meme", I wish to share also this video I've been describing as "super meme" -
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    Jul 31 2011: Hi Stephen,
    I think this could be intersting

    about the way social media has changed oure world, and about campaigns like the one, you are starting.
  • Jul 15 2011: Hi Philipp

    I know what you mean, "love" is an overly used word. I suppose I mean, love in Dr. Maslow's hierarchy of human needs.

    That's a great idea. I hadn't thought of saying it in different languages. That is a great place to start learning about other cultures. Start by learning how to say "I love you." in the language. I see you are a fellow "softie". haha
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    Jul 14 2011: I have the feeling, that there is some deep sense in your words, but I do not understand it. Please explain it.
    • Jul 14 2011: Hi Philipp

      Yes the deeper meaning did get lost as it sounded better when I hit the submit button.haha

      "Richard Dawkins defined the meme as a unit of cultural transmission (an Idea), or a unit of imitation and replication, but later definitions would vary. Memes, analogously to genes, vary in their aptitude to replicate; memes which are good at getting themselves copied tend to spread and remain, whereas the less good ones have a higher probability of being ignored and forgotten."

      The things I hate are often similar to the things other people hate and those are the ideas most people discuss, but I was attempting to convey the last statement for my transmittable meme.

      One that becomes contagious, even epidemic. I hope you all get sick from it. So here it is again.

      I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
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        Jul 15 2011: Hallo Stephen

        Oh, I know, it always sounds best when hitting the submit button. :)

        I think universal love is the flu of mems, It comes from time to time spreads around the globe and many people catch it, but most of us are pretty well immunised, by christian religion, the hippie movement, love songs and our mom´s. So the universal love meme takes normaly a rather mild course.
        The good thing is, that it stays in the body and can breake out at any time.

        What you propose here is an normal universal love meme, and I like it. Maybe you could change something on its surface, to make it more virulent. Something like a spanish univerlal love meme.
        A story might help, or a symbol and an easy way to express it in daily live would be good.

        Thanks for explaining and for having this warmhearted idea.

        I LOVE YOU ALL!!! (at least to me it does not sound right, maybe because I do not like the word "love")
        ps I would like it to hear more about this.
        • Jul 18 2011: Hi Philipp

          I changed the opening a bit. Do you think it's gross enough? I sent a request to TED to see if they could help me translate it into other languages since it looks like they have over 5000 covered. If it's easy for them, great. If not well I have my work cut out for me. Hahaha

          Thanks for the fantastic idea.