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Political theorists Richard Wilkinson (inequality) + Phillip Blond (big society) in TEDGlobal 2011 Session 1. Questions for them?!

During Session 1 at TEDGlobal 2011, Host and TED Curator Chris Anderson tweeted the following question:

"Political theorists Richard Wilkinson (inequality) + Phil lip Blond (big society) in session 1. Questions for them?!"

If you got a chance to watch Session 1 or read our recap of it on the TED Blog (, do you have any questions you'd like to ask Richard Wilkinson or Phillip Blond?

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    Jul 15 2011: The information on your website is facinating and it leads me to want to ask many questions. Are people in more equal societies freindlier? Are they less likely to steal? Are they less likely to cheat? Are they more creative? Are they more innovative? Are they more contemplative? How are they at caring for the elderly and the mentally ill? Are they more likely to obtain advanced education? Is there a coorelation with birth rate? Do they spend their time differently?
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    Jul 14 2011: I do have just a comment:
    the solution to inequality, simply reallocation of the world's resources
    What does it mean that a certain country owns resources because of its location being inside its borders?
    it belongs to this planet, and as we all live in this planet, we share these resources
    how would this happen?
    simply, we have a so called united nations, I don't know what is it good for......... but........
    we have 2 scenarios:
    1. with borders (for every country)
    this union or system should have powers beyond the powers of the nations themselves
    to have the power to allocate where the resources are, extract them, giving certain quota sharing the resources of planet earth
    now the nation, has to decide, whether to use or sell these resources
    2. without borders (we share everything; water, ground, resources, ideas, food.........etc)
    no problem we live very well, the only problem is to find other motives than money for production, could be a belief system

    by doing such, we are done with the artificial inequality gap
    people living on this planet are not classified into, I don't know, developed and under developed......
    it's not like that, if to classify at all it should have been more like this; nations with ideas and nations with resources and labor, if to classify at all

    again the role of the government should be limited to security, this is a general term, this way, there is no such thing as defense system, against whom or what
    if there are irresponsible people, they should be isolated

    again, what is the main motive?
    money accumulation, now it's time to look for alternatives to replace the monetary system

    some suggested other motives like fame, for people that suggest a certain project, they may have their name there, and so goes for a group of people suggesting ideas........ a list of name for the contributors

    the other motive is to keep people happy, satisfied (I was arguing if this is a motivator like money)