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Are you optimistic or pessimistic, and why?

Yesterday, during Session 2 of TED University at TEDGlobal 2011, host June Cohen asked: Are you optimistic or pessimistic. and why? and asked for answers of one sentence.

Since there is a little more room (and time) for writing on TED Conversations, answer in 1-3 sentences whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, and why.


Closing Statement from Corvida Raven

Thank you all for your responses! This was a great Conversation. The TED team is happy to know that the majority of our audience has a relatively positive outlooks on life. We appreciate your participation everyone!

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    Jul 18 2011: I strive to feel neither,..for neither approach suggests a solution only how to feel about a problem.
    These notions induce foresight. they force us to recompile all information and try to make an educated guess, then based on this guess you decide whether you "feel " good or bad about what might happen( according to you), besides, we all know how good humans are at predicting the future....
    How a person Feels does not change what needs to be Done.

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