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Are you optimistic or pessimistic, and why?

Yesterday, during Session 2 of TED University at TEDGlobal 2011, host June Cohen asked: Are you optimistic or pessimistic. and why? and asked for answers of one sentence.

Since there is a little more room (and time) for writing on TED Conversations, answer in 1-3 sentences whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, and why.


Closing Statement from Corvida Raven

Thank you all for your responses! This was a great Conversation. The TED team is happy to know that the majority of our audience has a relatively positive outlooks on life. We appreciate your participation everyone!

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  • Jul 14 2011: I live and work in Greece, how can i be an optimistic pls any ideas
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      Jul 14 2011: is there any feeling of solidarity in ur area/town or country coming out of this? if yes this would be a very positive thing! all the best!
    • Jul 15 2011: Ela re! The whole Western world is about to go bust so you can look at Greece as first to go in and first to come out. Then the Greeks can watch the rest of the world thinking that they are glad that they went first.

      You may think i am joking :) but actually i am not. Read my blog stavsworld.com and if you like more click the about button to take you to the socionomics institute.

      Being an optimist, i actually look forward to this great impending shake up. It will help society realise that we got very disconnected to what it means to be human. Money is just an idea that we thought up and one day I am hopeful that society will rid itself of it. (Think Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek : The next generation and how replicators replaced the need for money)
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        Jul 15 2011: Hi Stavros, i still did not look at your blog, but i absolutely agree with you. As some people with a broad understanding (the financial crisis is just one aspects that accompanies the environmental and psychological (purpose) crisis on our planet) understand that the money system is a big and already global PONZI SHEME, it is clear that this sheme will end, and as Stavros writes the earlier you are out the lower the pain...for German speaking people I suggest to look for a Prof. Brodbeck comments on this. He is a engineer, economist, philosopher and budhist and has a very deep understanding on this. For all others i still look for an english speaking version of Prof. Brodbeck.
        • Jul 17 2011: Thanks for that info Simon. The buddhists of the world seem to be having the greatest understanding from ancient teachings as i am starting to believe.

          I must look int o Buddhism some more.

          I will try to look up some of Prof Brodbecks comments also, but my german is limited.
    • Jul 15 2011: @Fotis: u can be an optimist by motivating yourself......by reading autobiographies etc. but the most important thing is that u must believe in yourself by thinking that u can do anything you want to do!!!!! always look on the bright side of your life irrespective of the good or bad things in life!!!
    • Jul 17 2011: NONE but do not give up! Post the problems on TED and ask for help. As a collective we can figure something out.
    • Jul 18 2011: you have a european union passport.... go live somewhere else in Europe, you have a choice

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