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In one word tell me,you are perfect in ____???

Many of us used to give advice and we sometimes follow the advice's given to us.i need to know how many of us are perfect in following a habit or doing a work before advising it to others.

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    Jul 13 2011: I really don't like all the one, three or six words conversations that are going on, they seem to be a way of collecting comments instead of spreading ideas and promoting knowledge...

    What do you hope to accomplish by having this conversation, what are your goals?
    • Jul 13 2011: Thanks for your involvement.My aim is to know what in most of them are perfect in.Members may be perfect about thing but the formation of words is different and this leads some sort of confusion.This helps in changing me and also others for their success.I am pleasing you that"Could you say what you are perfect at ??".Expecting your comments and suggestions.

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