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    Aug 2 2011: Fills like Hypocrisy from Shell ….. presenting Intention to help billions people lives in slums in poor/non-develop world and …“ how can every city have reliable energy, clean water and enough to eat “
    ….and quietly using poor/non develop countries national resources to maximize company profitability !

    Question from Shell which fit better is probably: What was the biggest environmental disaster cause from Shell and can innovations prevent this to happen again ?
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      Aug 2 2011: Hi Bruno,

      It is an interesting phenomena if a corporate logo is next to a person, we are talking to the legacy of a corporation.Ifit is just a person posting a question, we talk about his/her dreams.

      on your point;
      I am not defending Shell here, or any corporation, though is this way of thinking about a corporation/this thread not the same as saying every christian is a crusader?

      Probably you know, the problem in the energy domain is free market economics, megasaurus against megasaurus. It is like playing Simcity/Civilisation the numbers matter not the smiles on peoples faces. If Shell and the like would be offered a better model to do their job in, wouldn't they do it?

      Where lies the potential for a better model? Any suggestion?

      ( P.S. of course it is a poverty to exploit for profit, but that is another conversation as you mention)

      Thanks for sharing!

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