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  • Aug 2 2011: I feel it will be a slightly different problem. People will keep multiplying regardless of what we do. But should we stop it, can we stop it. The only reason we are worried is because we live on earth and that is the only place we can be. But space is big. If we could colonize space we would have resources galore. 24 hour intense sunshine. Loads of raw materials in asteroids and satellites. Even other planets with low gravity could be mined. Water in abundance in comets and asteroids. Enough space for unlimited expansion of the human species. A tiny self-sustaining population out there will eventually hold more people than earth. No space restriction, no material restriction, no power restriction. Why spend billions on fusion when we already have a ginormous fusion plant right overhead. Use those billions to make a settlement in space where simple solar cells can harvest the inexhaustible supply. Expansion will be geometric and people will leave the crowded Earth for the new frontier where you can find a community that fits you. Space is so vast that two communities need never interact with each other. One community with one farm with one mine with one foundry with one factory that makes solar cells, and chips and another factory that produces chemicals from the farm's waste stream would be the minimum needed for a self sustaining community. How expensive would that be compare to research into fusion, the lhc and other research into sociological problems caused by population.
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      Aug 2 2011: O Yes , there is a definitely solution to achieve this goals . Shell and Shell like companies should be leading and contribute to the solution with :
      • Stop abused a local countries tax regulations
      • Accepts responsibility for the disastrous oil spills and environmental issues .
      • Do not treat countries , countries resources and people as your own property
      • Stop spending cash on marketing to improve corporate reputation but use this cash to contribute as much as possible …….that every city has reliable energy, clean water and enough to eat !
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        Aug 2 2011: Bruno; you are so 100% on the point regarding corporate responsibility, however the mechanism in place to reward CEOs and senior management works nearly completely against such goals. The way I see the current direction here in the US: it's going for the very reason of corporate malfaisance against a civil society, corporate greed from barons like the Koch Brothers and their growing political influence are detrimental for all the good points you make. That is the reason that nobody canbe a 'conservative' in the US without being chastised for the bad state of the affairs in this country! Europe or at least some European countries are defintely ahead of the US in the fight for a civil society with civilized, environmentally friendly cities and which this debate does address ...
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          Aug 2 2011: Hubertus; I would like to learn here... you know of any solution to have as a manager an incentive to be responsible?

          I know of senior managers who try very hard, but in the end they are nailed down on delivery of results and numbers. A vicious circle between decision makers - board members - shareholders.

          How to break it?

          In EU there is a lot of civil society law enforcement, but pushing this through to the max would result in "police state capitalism". Is that the solution...

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