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  • Aug 2 2011: This may not be a popular view, but I believe it to be a necessary one.

    If a species, any species, grows too fast then it exceeds its resources, sickens and dies out. This applies to us too.

    At some point we cannot continue to grow in population. The earth is a limited resource. We can either start choosing to limit our population over the next 40 years or we can do it after that, after the creation of these nightmarish megalopolises and the attendant degradation of the earth.

    I suggest we need to accept that we are in fact part of the natural order and not exempt from it. I suggest we need to set a reasonable limit on human population based very much on the society we choose to have, and then work to bring this to the consciousness of all people.

    We must change our growth imperative or it will kill us all. Let us do it now rather than when it is far too late.
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      Aug 2 2011: I agree with you Ken,

      "change growth imperative". Without the feeling we need to give up on something consciously, as we will not do that if the neighbor will not do it first.

      Therefore I think we should start with understanding global public health, first step what do we need to 'live'

      If we see planet earth as Buckminster's spaceship earth - and we should as 'wild-wild' nature does not really exist anymore according to some - we should organize it as space travel.

      A collaboration like Shell can bring forward the logic on how to handle spaceship earth it's energy flow. What is needed where to survive the day in central new york and the outskirts of mexico city.

      'Pioneer' could tell this globally of food survival
      'Coca Cola' on water needs.

      This way the general public and the standing self-supporting collaborations can image andmake this spaceship function in spaceflight.

      After that we can dream again about luxury and leisure as we enjoy a lot to be lazy.

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