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Is "sustainability" even possible under our current monetary paradigm? I submit that it isn't. Our monetary system demands obsolescence!

There is a lot of talk about "Green Business" and "Sustainability", but here is the thing - our whole financial paradigm is based on CONSUMPTION. "Sustainability" is just that - a dynamic rooted in a steady state or sustained equilibrium.

I don't believe we can make much of an environmental impact without seriously examining our monetary system. What do you guys think?

  • Jul 15 2011: You are bang on! Congrats to the guy that has found the root cause of many of the world issues including poverty and hunger.

    The good news is that current central banking is getting closer to collapse. We must just educate the world and get ready to replace it with a better system because greedy politician types will only true to recreate the status quo after the collapse.

    Monetary policy and Central banking is what causes hunger and poverty and crime and countless ugly parts to our human psyche which is not actually natural for us, think avatar or star trek, a world without money based on sharing resources.

    See my blog to read more about my thoughts to what is coming next and also to lead you on to the fascinating subject of socionomics. For the socionomics click the about button on my blog or just visit
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    Jul 13 2011: VERY keen observation.
    It's hard not to agree with that.
    But to conclude that it can't be done is a bit hasty. *smile*
    It's not that we can't but like our problem with oil and cigarettes it's gonna be a lot of work. HUGE challenge this is.
    But here's a perspective :
    One of the main issue a sustainability paradigm try to address is the excess of economy like poverty, under developed society, environment and so on. The financial paradigm is IGNORING those excess anyway. Economy outcast people with no buying power, cares not about the ecosystem and invest on education only when it serves it's purpose. So even in this economy driven world THERE LIES A NEED for a sustainability paradigm.
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    Jul 13 2011: Hi, the question posed is the absolute "killer argument"...first to clarify...instead of using "current monetary paradigm" which should relate to the "liquidity bubble" behaviour of central banks trying to avoid recession with monetary stimulus, i would use endless growth paradigm. With the more or less global implementation of the "capitalist/credit" system growth is hyped as the only savior of our economy and our wealth (obviously starving and poor people do not have contact to this system). So can sustainability work with the growth paradigm would be my question?

    Well I think that sustainability (and all concepts behind that phrase) are a chance to let people realise and "relearn" that slow/non ressource intensive/human interacting not goods interacting activities etc. give "sustainable" happiness...if they re"realise" this they also might change behaviour and change short-term orientation and thereby changing the growth paradigm...for this though I see only a slight chance...i rather believe that a "big bang" be it econically/financially or socially/politically will drastically change the current status...
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    Jul 13 2011: what do you mean by "current monetary paradigm"? what is exactly wrong?
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    Jul 13 2011: We agree! There is no "sustainability" that is not "pro-people" first. I agree with you 100% on that and I appreciate your response.
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    Jul 13 2011: Thanks Judge!

    Consider this - let's say that I have a business that makes cups. Do I make the "best cup possible", one that lasts virtually forever? (Which is well within our current technological capability by the way)

    No, I will not. First I evaluate the cost of production, and I can only afford to make the cup that can be produced for less than what I sell it for.

    Thus "sustainability" can not be the primary concern here at all, but rather "profitability".

    Moreover, in this example, if I were to make a "perfect cup" that never needs replacing, I have no need to produce more, and therefore I am out of business. My bills and expenses keep mounting long after my profits have stopped.

    The only way I think it can happen for us is if we demand sustainable goods and services from our providers, while socially embracing the TRUE cost of sustainability - and that is, collectively assuming financial responsibility for the great men and women that can provide our world with these goods and services.

    If we continue to leave these people at the mercy of our economy, they will be forced to continue providing us with sub-standard technology...for a profit! :-)
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      Jul 13 2011: Would you sell that cup in Ethiopia ?
      Because that perfect cup won't come cheap. Some probably could afford it but in the spirit of profit it's cheaper to IGNORE the entire market than to maintain an office there. Those people do not exist in the economy world you're depicting anyway. They will value sustainable product more than you and I.

      Another thing.. sustainability is focus on human. It's about sustainable human life.
      That perfect cup of yours my guess is with current technology will be made of either plastic or alloys. Both environmentally UN-friendly and in long term will threaten human's life. So that perfect cup of yours is NOT a sustainable product.