Minseok Choi

English Language Instructor, International Graduate School of English, Seoul, Korea


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What are the practical approaches to "English Divide," which is becoming a serious social problem occurred in many countries?

Education has been used for those from low-income family to achieve a better social status. Like that, in many countries who use English as a second language, English has been used as a tool to upgrade social status. However, the quality and quantity of opportunity of learning English has been decided by family's economic status. Children's English proficiency acquired by their parents' economic help has decided their job position. So the vicious cycle keeps going on. How could we deal with the problem? I want to learn from you specifically in terms of school, company, and civic group.

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    Jul 13 2011: That I think is one of the reason people thought up - social entrepreneur.
    Because profit oriented model in some cases just practically unfair or worse create a new social problems (you haven't touch the culture and political side of this problem, some react by rejecting English seeing it as a kind of invasion by the "west" that eroding their native culture and promoting western ideology).
    With social model, we reset the mindset and put not only human but everything that makes a human humane back as the center of intentions.
    This is translated as scholarship and clubs in educations, social responsibility initiatives in companies and social entrepreneur in society,..