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What if we could control and utilize every aspect of our bodies?

Creating a full-access link (a secondary "spinal cord," of you will) between the brain and the "smooth," or involuntary, muscles (possibly using surgical procedures and some form of bio-feedback) may allow us to monitor and manipulate the movement and control of the involuntary muscle system, meaning we could control our heart, lungs and digestive system just like we control our fingers as we type, or our legs as we run. It will also give us more accessible and direct sub-conscious commands to our facial muscles and the many muscles in our eyes that we have little control over.

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    Jul 16 2011: I think this is an interesting idea. We shouldn't have complete control, but I wonder if our organs we're both voluntary and involuntary, much like the lungs.
    It's hard to imagine the impact because your organs balance your system and respond to any effects in the body. I don't know if it would result in healthier people or not in that regard. Though, if we had a better understanding of our bodies we would definitely would live more proper.
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    Jul 16 2011: I like the idea.....but I also don't. The only problem I can see with this is that involuntary muscle systems are there so we don't have to think about every little thing. Imagine having to think about every breathe and heartbeat??? not so fun. But it would be cool to be able to!!!
  • Jul 15 2011: Nightmare scenario. Only the rich could afford the enhancements. The disabled are already marginalised, the planet in ruins due to humanity's perceived omnipotence
  • Jul 13 2011: That we think we are in control of our bodies - or anything else for that matter - seems to me to be the utmost of human arrogance. If we were really in control of our bodies, we would have to consciously control the beating of our heart and our respiration. We clearly do not have the attention span to do this - yet our hearts continue to beat etc. and we continue to live. Truly, if it were up to us, we would fail spectacularly. When we are asleep, where is our control? Yet our heart continues to beat and we continue to breathe. It seems to me that 'something else' is in control.
    • Jul 15 2011: Hi Marie,

      I don't think that the objective was to deliberately control their hearts or respiration but more of a byproduct when they control their mind which leads to these 'supernatural' abilities being manifested. There are some scientific experiments done on these advanced meditators which shows surprising results... maybe it is a case of 'what the mind thinks, the body conceives..'
  • Jul 13 2011: Probably if you would allow this kind of controll instantly, the person would be completely overloaded. Our brain is filtering all of that for a reason (right now I don't have to think about each muscle in my fingers for typing, just about the words, thats kind of cool).

    To a certain amout I think this already exists, if you look at sportsmen or monks you see that they have a far higher controll of their body than the average person. So maybe you should start looking at what those people are doing and see if there is a way to push the boundaries even further.
  • Jul 21 2011: I would regrow my appendix to it's paleolithic diet capabilities and eat salad every day! With ranch dressing!
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    Jul 19 2011: Maybe, just maybe, evolution has tried that already. And failed.

    Nonetheless I don't think it's an impossibility, you can control your heartbeats through certain breathing techniques, trigger lucid dreams or hyper awareness, change your mood (hormones production/reception) via focus or simple things like a smile or some exercise...

    Not being able to access all the processes in our bodies is probably not that bad either: we have control over our mandibles, tongue and cheek muscles and still we manage, more or less frequently, to bite ourselves while eating.

    It is actually funny to think of the sentence: "Sorry I wasn't listening to you, I accidentally sent all my blood to my right foot".

    What about starting with our voluntary muscle system? Have you ever tried to maximize _that_ potential, e.g., writing (or brushing your teeth) with both your hands?
  • Jul 18 2011: I don't think it is required to have control of our organism, but it is required to control our actions and thoughts for development.

    We would have been self manager and all, which is bad. It is good that most part of our body functions itself and it saves time for us to focus on so many issue we have to overcome.
  • Jul 16 2011: I think it is great that we can"t, other wise we will have nothing else to do but take care of our super complicated system, that I believe we will lose on all fronts. We would have missed on the advancement we we reached in the last 2 centuries and still would not do a good job on this super advanced system, our bodies.
  • Jul 16 2011: Very interesting feedback... I will continue monitoring the responses...
  • Jul 16 2011: Bad idea. people would be committing suicide by the millions. Bad paper...stop the heart. Got dumped......stop the heart. Will be caught by police....stop heart. I am sorry to say that people are in no way responsible enough to control their own bodies at that level.
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    Jul 16 2011: If you could control your cardio-vascular system as you control your legs then completing a marathon (as an example) would no longer be such a great achievement!
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    Jul 15 2011: I'm okay with my body functioning involuntarily. It allows me to focus on other things like my thoughts. I mean, it is what makes me human. Learning to control our thoughts through meditation is a process...and THAT is the beauty of it. It's apart of self-mastery. Inserting a secondary "spinal cord" is cheating.
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    Jul 15 2011: but...what if i get really involved in a momment and i forget to keep beating my heart? game over?
  • Jul 15 2011: Not very well educated on the subject matter. However; extremely interesting. I would enjoy following any talk/research on this category...
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    Jul 12 2011: Sweet idea! Cyborgs!
    Notify me if you have a start-up ;-) I want to join!

    For now we shall have to rely on a bunch of existing tools and meditation I guess...