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What if we could control and utilize every aspect of our bodies?

Creating a full-access link (a secondary "spinal cord," of you will) between the brain and the "smooth," or involuntary, muscles (possibly using surgical procedures and some form of bio-feedback) may allow us to monitor and manipulate the movement and control of the involuntary muscle system, meaning we could control our heart, lungs and digestive system just like we control our fingers as we type, or our legs as we run. It will also give us more accessible and direct sub-conscious commands to our facial muscles and the many muscles in our eyes that we have little control over.


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    Jul 16 2011: I think this is an interesting idea. We shouldn't have complete control, but I wonder if our organs we're both voluntary and involuntary, much like the lungs.
    It's hard to imagine the impact because your organs balance your system and respond to any effects in the body. I don't know if it would result in healthier people or not in that regard. Though, if we had a better understanding of our bodies we would definitely would live more proper.

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