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Are the forces of gravity "warped" to negative by spacetime, when we're looking at great distances above say 10 AU, i.e. macro-verse?

In quantum-verse, we experience a much closer relationship between energy and matter, i.e. they are less discernible from each other. In "our" universe, from 0.001 mm to 1 AU, we experience length and time as set values. In order to maybe explain the "dark matter" missing, and the "red shift" of distant galaxies nearing the time of birth of the universe, and still they seem to exist, my suggestion is, that gravitational forces may become so "warped" by spacetime in a macro-verse (e.g. looking at distances of more than maybe 1-10-100-1000 AU), that it turns into a negative force? Would that thought be my contribution to cosmology?

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    Jul 25 2011: Louise, what do you think about Michio Kaku's 11 dimensional multiverse of vibrating strings? could it explain it. He says that the theory of everything works mathematically in 11 dimensions, all other numbes collapses back to 11 dimensions.