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How do we use diversity to change the world?

Those who live, work, worship, go to school and play in places where differences are apparent have to find common ground. What are the keys to shaping a better world where difference matters, not as disparities but for a connectedness offering a more meaningful life. Racial, ethnic and gender disparities persist. We displace the disabled, avoid the wisdom of the elders and don't protect the young. We're all vulnerable to difference where we could be outcasts or living on the margins. How do we use creativity and innovation to realize in power of diversity in human capital to shape the world.

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      Jul 12 2011: Thanks for sharing!
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      Jul 17 2011: Kate and Kath, that thread could be one of my favorites. I had made a similar post about the fundamental unity of our faiths and convictions but even barring we can still work with our our mutual interests alone. http://bit.ly/PowerCommon